Nail Art Of The Day: Sponge & Sparkle

Hi, y’all!

I thought I’d start a new category called “Nail Art Of The Day”, in which you’ll see me dabble in different types of nail art (poorly). You haven’t seen much of nail art on this blog earlier, mostly because I suck at it and are too embarrased to show you my feeble attempts. But hopefully practice makes perfect, and maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it along the way. ;)

I thought I’d start with a mani I did with the sponging technique. What’s this, you say? It’s really not much more advanced than using a make up sponge to dab nail polish onto your nail. If you’re lucky, you might get a sort of gradient effect.

I used nailstation fake blonde and CND Amethyst Sparkle (which was generously gifted to me by Laquermanic, thank you honey!). In the front, you can see the sponge I used, just a regular make up sponge. It’s nice if it’s triangular like this, I think it’s easiest to use the corners of the sponge.

Before you start sponging, you need to have a dry mani as a base. Paint your nails with whatever color you like and wait for it to dry, it doesn’t have to be bone dry, but dry enough that the sponge doesn’t remove the base color. Put a drop of nail polish onto a paper or another surface you don’t mind getting dirty, then dab your sponge into the polish and onto your nail. I put nailstation fake blonde over yesterday’s Depend Nr. 200.

I don’t have a picture of the sponging itself, because it’s kinda hard to take pictures when I’m using both my hands for nail art! You’ll definitely get the hang of it, though, just play around with different amounts of polish on the sponge, and vary how hard you press down on the nail.

I topped off the whole thing with two coats of CND Amethyst Sparkle.

I think it looks really cute!

It even matches my roses!

That’s my first Nail Art Of The Day! Please let me know what you think, and don’t be afraid to give me suggestions or tips and tricks in the comment field.

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day. :D
Love, S.

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  1. That is a really nice sponging! I really need to get my ass in gear and get a sponge to join in the fun :)

  2. I really like these two colors! I’m new at the nail art game myself, I think you did a good job :)

  3. Det blev ju superfint! Måste också testa! :-)

  4. I am terrified of nail art but you make me feel like i could handle this one! Thanks!

  5. I think you did a really nice job with this. I need to try this out some time, I love doing nail art.

  6. I like it too! I haven’t tried sponging but this sure made me curious :)

  7. Thanks for showing this! I always wondered how it was done, I am going to go get some sponges today!


  8. super cute! you did a fabulous job.

  9. This is pretty cool! I’ve been meaning to make a gradiant for a while but I’m always forgetting/ lazy

  10. I just stumbled across your blog and I think your manicures are lovely =) I am also a nurse too!

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial! I love manis done using sponging but am scared of trying it myself because I know I’ll make a mess! I will have to give this a go myself now.

  11. Very cute! And I like the name of the technique since Sponge & Sparkle just happens to be the name of my maid service!
    Sponge & Sparkle Atlanta Maid Service,

  12. Where do you get good sponges for this…..?

  13. Do you have to dampen the sponges at all or is it okay to use them dry?

    • No, you’re supposed to use them dry. :)

      • Thanks for the reply! I tried it both ways. Using it dry meant bits of the makeup sponge stuck to my nail with the polish :{
        Dampening stopped it from happening so I’m supposing it differs with the type of sponges? Thanks once again!

        • Oh, I’m sorry that the sponge stuck to your nails! :/ I’ve never had that happen. But it’s nice to know that dampening the sponge helps, thanks for the tip! :D

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