Claire’s Magic

It was one of those normal days when I was surfing around the web looking at nail blogs and other random nail related stuff. Eventually I stumbled on to a swatch of Claire’s Magic, and it was love at first sight! I knew I had to have it, and last week I got lucky and managed to acquire it in a swap.
(Have I told you how much I love swapping? It’s the best thing since sliced bread, I just love having packages of goodies in my mail box almost every day! And everyone’s happy!)

Magic was every bit as beautiful as I’d imagined, a gorgeous purple base with pink shimmer. It looks mostly purple in low light, but when the light hits it, the pink shimmer pops out glowing from the purple base. I’ve been running around putting my hands under every lamp I’ve seen since I put this on.

It’s so pretty, I can’t stand it! It actually reminds me of Nfu-Oh 51, just without the flakies. And it’s no small task standing up to what I think is The Prettiest Nail Polish In The World! This one might actually sail up and share the title for me.

Magic isn’t too tricky to apply, it is a little bit runny, but nothing I can’t live with. (But I could forgive a lot for this beauty!) It’s opaque in no more than two coats.


That’s about all the pretty I can take for one day. I want to know, what’s your favorite polish ever?

Thank you for reading, hope you’re having a wonderful day. :D
Love, S.

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  1. Hey love :)
    This is gorgeous, I got a bottle of it a while back and haven’t had a chance to try it on yet but after seeing those pics of your, I definitely will and soon too!
    I didn’t get mine in a swap but thhrough a nice lady who’s got a little e-shop of her own where you can sometimes find real US drugstore gems. Don’t want to spam you with unrequested ads though (see… I’ve learned my lesson, lmho^_^) so I’ll send you the link if you’re interested ;)

    • You definitely have to try it, it’s love in a bottle! :D

      I think I saw your post about that web shop, it’s A Beautiful Secret, isn’t it? I considered buying it from her, but it all worked out when I could swap for it. :)

      P. S. I don’t mind you “spamming”, honey. ;)

  2. This is a pretty! Sadly I don’t think I have a favorite yet ~ there’s just too many to choose from, but glitter always seems closest to my heart <3.

  3. Gah, vilken sjukt snygg lila! Skimret är ju underbart!

  4. Den var nydelig, med det glitteret. Fyldig farge og glitter, skjønt! :))

    Min favorittlakk…hm…det kommer liksom an på humøret. Men jeg har noen favoritter, da. :)

    – Gosh Ocean.
    – Gosh Sort, gjerne med et lag glitter over.
    – Opi My Private Jet. Den har skjønn, fyldig chocolate-look med litt glitter, herlig”
    – Gosh Blue Monday.
    – Opi Cherry Much In Love. Rosa glitterlakk.

    Og egentlig enda flere. Jeg kan ikke velge, hehe.

  5. This looks great on you!

  6. This is gorgeous! I have been looking for this, but NO luck so far :)

    My favorite color is my Revlon “Cherry Crush”

  7. loooooove the color

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