Misa Dirty Sexy Money

I needed a little break from all the pink glitter, gorgeous as it is, it’s nice to wear something completely different once in a while, too.

Misa Dirty Sexy Money is from the Living In The Fast Lane Collection of spring 2009. It’s my second Misa after A Sin Worth Committing, seeing as Toxic Seduction broke on me before I even had a chance to try it.

DSM is a really unique color, it’s a dusty, grungy, almost-minty green creme, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’ve never been big on the mint trend, but this is special enough that I felt my heart thump a little when I saw swatches of it.

There’s no sun today, so I only have pics taken in overcast daylight or lamp light. My camera isn’t very fond of greens, so the color isn’t totally accurate, it’s greener than in these pics.

The formula is really nice, it’s easy to control, and it’s almost opaque in one (thick) coat! I added two coats to smooth everything out, but it really benefits from a smoothing topcoat as well.

Another thing I like, is that it’s quite easy to clean up, it doesn’t smudge and discolor the skin when I use my brush with acetone. A lot of blues and greens are horrible when it comes to cleanup, leaving your fingers a colorful mess.

Gizmo wasn’t too happy when I was disturbing his 10-hour nap too take pictures of my stupid nail polish.

This was a nice variation from all the pink, I hope you liked it, too!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. It looks great! And what a nice perk that it cleaned up nicely, much appreciated! :)

  2. It’s such a gorgeous color! I haven’t posted mine but I wore it, I got it around the time I got Essie Mint Candy Apple. I do like mints and I was surprised that it’s almost a version of a dark mint! It looks great on you :D

  3. It is very unique! I’m new to Nail polish, but everyone seems to agree that DSM is a must have green. It’s definitely going to be on my list for my first online order!

  4. I love any teal, good to know this is unique! BTW I tagged you in this post today http://polishfreshie.blogspot.com/2010/08/10-things-flower-pretties.html

  5. I love this polish! It’s actually one of the few polishes that I’ve worn several times. :-)

  6. Although kitty doesn’t like it, I think it’s one of the best Misa shades ever. =D Love this one.

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