Petites Black Diamond

Here’s a tiny gem I got as a surprise extra in a swap with Jen, The Polish-Aholic. This is Petites Black Diamond, a charcoal holo! Wow, I was blown away, it’s such an awesome polish, and how great is it to discover a favorite completely unexpected like this? Thank you so much, Jen!

Now, before you ask, this is not a complete dupe for the holo OPI My Private Jet. Black Diamond has a lighter base and more scattered holo than MPJ, and the holo isn’t as in-your-face as MPJ either. Anyway, this is absolutely a great substitute if you don’t want to pay blood money for the OPI. My lemming for MPJ holo isn’t completely killed, but it’s on serious life support.

Now, the holo effect isn’t the strongest I’ve seen, but it’s there and it gives the polish a nice, sparkly dimension. It’s also a bit duller than it could be in these pics, because I put topcoat over it, and it kinda killed the holo. In the shade, it’s a nice, dusty charcoal.

This applies like a dream, it’s opaque and smooth in two coats. It’s polishes like these that make me want to sit and polish all day long just because it’s such a joy to paint with them. Love!

The sun came out for a minute, so I ran outside in the middle of making dinner to snap a pic!

Sigh. I’m in nailpolish heaven.

Thanks for reading!
Love, S.

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  1. Very cute! It’s in my stash, but I haven’t swatched it yet. I’m still in massive amounts of lemming-thrall because I actually managed to stumble upon the original MPJ. But, my bottle leaked and literally half the polish spilled into my car. But, the rest of it I’ve been hoarding carefully. :(

    • Eeeeek, I can’t believe it leaked! I would have been devastated! I hope you managed to salvage some of it. To save it, you could always layer it over black. :)

      • Definitely going to. At the very least if I ever wear it again! LOL. It’s the one color I will feel HORRIBLE for using up. I’ve been considering getting a new bottle from eBay. But…I can’t reconcile that with my wallet yet!

  2. looking great!
    I just made pictures of Color Club Revvvolution on my nails – but those really can’t compete against this beauty you’re showing us here!

  3. Just gorgeous! I want it! :)

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