P2 Elegant

I was a little “glittered out” from all the awesome sparkly glitters and foils I’ve been wearing lately, so I thought I’d change into something a little more understated, but yet interesting.

P2 Elegant is a lavender grey polish, that might sound a little boring, but what gives this one a little edge, is the hidden pink shimmer. I call it a hidden shimmer, because it doesn’t really show up unless under bright light. I think this one is really cute. I didn’t really think it suited me at first, but it grew on me after a while.

By the way, I think P2 is a German brand that can be found in a few European countries. We don’t have it in Norway, but I think it’s sold in the Netherlands? Correct me if I’m wrong!

The formula is quite nice, and I’ve used three coats to get it completely smooth and opaque. The brush is a little short because the bottle itself is small, so it can be a little tricky before you get used to it.

This is my second P2, and I think this brand has a really cool selection of colors and finishes. I just wish we could get brands like this and Catrice in Norway as well.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Elegant!
Love, S.

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  1. Wow! Vilken skönhet!

  2. i love p2! this is one of their best colors!

  3. Last week I had this in my hand – but since there are soo many brand new polishes I haven’t even swatched yet, I put it back in the shelf. Next time I will buy it!

    If you ever have special wishes regarding p2 or Catrice, let me know! Maybe I can help (:

  4. Jättevacker :)
    Påminner om det lack jag köpte för några dagar sen och som jag helt och hållet har blivit handlöst förälskad i :)
    Lacket jag köpte heter “Miss Stone Heart” och kommer från H&M.. jag har bilder på bloggen av det ifall du vill se :)
    Eller ifall nån vill se :)


  5. Wonderful! I love these types of colors.

  6. Veldig fin, liker sånt dempet skimmer!

  7. nice color…..love it….

  8. Åh så fint! Hvor fikk du takk i den? Ser etter p2 og Catrice lakker uten lykke (Ebay har ingenting).

    Den er kjempefin på deg!

  9. Gorgeous color! I have this one too :) You can’t buy it in the Netherlands (anymore), I bought mine in Germany.

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