Nfu-Oh 129

There has been a big hole in my nail polish collection up until quite recently: I missed a red creme! I guess I just forgot about the classics because all of the awesome colors and finishes out there. In my opinion, everyone should own a true red creme, so I couldn’t live without one much longer!

Luckily for me, Viis Ilusalong recently had 15% off on all of their Nfu-Ohs, and I jumped on the offer and got four pretty ladies. Among them was this beauty, Nfu-Oh 129. A blue-toned red creme, super glossy and wonderful. The bottle pics on the Viis Ilusalong site show the colors a lot darker than they really are, so I actually thought it was a vampier red. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

The formula is damn near perfect. It’s not too thick and not too thin, and very nice to work with. It’s incredibly pigmented and almost opaque in one coat! I used two coats, and it’s very smooth, shiny and opaque.

The bottle is so pretty!

Thank you for reading!
Love, S.

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  1. Åh, den var utrolig fin og blank! Men jeg har en hel skuff med rosa og røde lakker som blir ganske neglisjert. :sitter på hendene:

  2. Nydelig klar rødfarge!

    Og søt liten flaske :)

  3. I know what you mean! I just ordered Essie’s Fishnet Stockings though I’m not sure it’s a “classic” red I hope it’s a nice red :) I’m not much for reds but Nfu-Oh 129 looks amazing!

  4. Wow… Not only do I love the color, but the bottle is also amazing :)

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love your blog x

  6. beautiful beautiful red creme!

  7. Yaiks! That is probably the most beautiful red creme I’ve seen in a long long time! Me likey :D

  8. HOLY FRAK! This color is gorgeous!! It reminds me of Milani’s “Ready to Wear Red” or Orly’s “Bus Stop Crimson”. WIN!

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