Nfu-Oh 63

Another pretty lady! Nfu-Oh 63 is one of the infamous Nfu-Oh holos, and you can really see why they have an almost legendary reputation. The holo effect is totally stunning, double rainbows as far as you can see! These holos are of the same type as the China Glaze OMGs, as opposed to the scattered holo from the ChG Kaleidoscope collection and the OPI DS series.

63 is a cute pink, it looks like a matte, dusty creme or shimmer in low light, but when the light hits, it gives us that rainbow flash that’s so mesmerizing.

The formula is a bit tricky, as most of these holo types are. I’ve heard that the Nfu-Oh Aqua Base or the Gosh Fix Base base coat work very well with holos like this. It’s hard to avoid bald spots, but if you wait a bit between coats it should be fine.

I did the sandwich trick with this one, by that I mean I put a final coat of holo on top of my topcoat. The holo effect is dramatically reduced when you put a topcoat over it, so you can use this trick to avoid horrible holo death.

Still pictures won’t really do this baby justice, so I made a gif! Check out the rainbow action!

The Nfu-Oh hologram series come in silver, beige, pink, lilac, light blue and green. I think I need them all!

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!
Love, S.

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  1. what an awesome polish! I need to get some nfu oh holo’s!

  2. *drools* Soooo gorgeous, it’s sad how hard it is to get Nfu oh’s in Australia :(

    I love the gif! Very clever.

  3. That is such an amazing polish :O wow… :)

  4. That’s an awesome polish! I have #51 sitting in my untrieds drawer, waiting to be tested. I never got the Aqua base because I think it’s ridiculous to have to buy a special base coat to make the application work.

  5. Den var kul! Annerledes holo, med den fyldige rosa inni. Nice!

  6. wow……very nice…..I wish to have like that….Santa are you listening???

  7. Awesome GIF! :D

  8. Denne er så fin! Beste holoeffekten! I svakt lys ser den jo skikkelig kjjip ut, litt som en slags levning fra 80-tallet. Men ute; woohoo!

  9. Wow, that’s astonishing. And thanks for the gif! :D

  10. Just gorgeous! I hope everything is fine :)

  11. Good to hear that you’re ok! I didn’t want to pressure you, I was just worried :)

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