OPI Show It & Glow It

There are no less than six glitters in the Burlesque collection, but I only got this one, OPI Show It & Glow It. It’s a real glitter bomb with fuchsia, silver, gold and green glitter in a clear base. It reminds me of the colors in OPI Mad As A Hatter, but in this one the emphasis is on the fuchsia rather than the silver.

I was planning on showing you pictures of this one in different lighting, so I took some indoors pics last night and was going to snap some outdoors pics today, but the polish was chipped beyond recognition after just a day and a half of “light duty” wear. Son, I am disappoint! Anyway, check out these incredible sparkles, I just can’t stay mad at it!

Application is as good as it gets with glitters. Pretty sheer on the first coats, but opaque in three. I don’t think I’ll be wearing this other than on special occations, because between the chipping and how incredibly messy it is to remove, this baby is a lot of work! Glitterbomb is an accurate description, because there were glitter everywhere after removal! Don’t wear this unless you have plenty of time on your hands.

What do you think of the Burlesque glitters? Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. This one is definetely my favorite!! <3

  2. Beautiful! But the removal process ticks me off big time. I have one more of the Burlesque glitters that I haven’t tried but I’m not sure I want to spend that much time removing it… But they are gorgeous :)

  3. Vakker! Fabelaktig!

    Og sikkert et helvete å fjerne…. ;-P

    Men absolutt verdt det!

  4. Jag är helt ointresserad av glitterlacken av någon anledning. De ser fina ut på bilder man ser men jag faller ändå inte. Skönt det, i och för sig. På dig är det jättefint dock. Synd att det var så besvärligt att ta bort men glitter tenderar ju att vara det. Tyvärr.

  5. Wow :) I love this one… I have something rather similar from a make-up brand that I loved.. but unfortunately it doesnt excist anymore :/
    We have OPI here in Finland, but I havent seen that collection yet :)


    • Too bad the make up brand you love doesn’t exist any more!
      We have OPI in Norway as well, but I order my polish from Trans Design (link at the bottom of the blog), it’s much cheaper. :)

  6. Blingy! Not a huge fan of glitters, turns out for me. The removal and the formula puts me off.
    Transdesign. They charged me about 50 for the shipping, head2toe was less, so I cancelled the order. Is it the same price for shipment for you?
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  7. They also asked me for my credit card details in the e-mail, I expressed resentment. But they are handy for OPI, aren’t they. I’ll keep the $18 for flat rate box in mind, good to know, thanks!

  8. I just bought this polish today for a Xmas party. I was so upset for missing out on Mad as a Hatter, so as soon as I saw this I jumped! Still haven’t tried it on yet, but it looks awesome in your photo. :)

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