OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees

Hey, long time no see! I haven’t really been up to doing a lot of nail stuff this week, I think the marathon of shifts finally got to me, so I’ve been sleeping a lot. I did get around to removing Show It & Glow It (a monstrosity of a job in itself), and I took a pre-emptive strike against my nails, they seemed like they would break any minute. I nubbinized them thorougly, and that’s why I picked this next, dark polish for my mani.

OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees is from what I think is one of OPI’s best collections, the Spain collection. What’s so good about Suzi Skis, it’s only a black creme, you might say. Well, it’s not a black creme, it’s actually a very dark blueish grey with super subtle shimmer. I think it’s stunning.

The formula is good, but sheer. I needed 3 coats on my right hand and 4 on my left. My brush wasn’t really up to the OPI standards though, it was very moppy and hard to control. I guess even OPI can have a bad day.

This wears like iron on me, I’ve had it on since Sunday, and there’s not a chip in sight! I’m debating whether to remove it or layer something over it, we’ll see.

Did you get something from the Spain collection? Which one is your favorite?

See you later!
Love, S.

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  1. I don’t think any of my few opi’s are actually from this collection and if they are they came from a friend… haha

    But I really love the black cremey-ness – it’s prettyful.

  2. Stilig!

    Ser at den er kremet, som en fyldig sort farge. Herlig :)

  3. I have this color too!! What a lovely color, isn’t it? This is my favorite from Spain collection. : )

  4. Jag gillar också SSITP, den är så glansig och fin. Och faktiskt ganska unik, har inte sett så många lack som liknar det.

  5. What a coincidence! I just swatched it yesterday though I’ve had it for almost a year. It surprised me, I thought I would just be a “boring” black but it was gorgeous :) Love it!

  6. I seldom wear black polish because it is hard to take off……But looking at your nails it is really gorgeous. Love it…..

    (off topic) And remember I told you I have a friend on vacation there….she is back and with my depend polishes…..I am so happy…..all 22 polish are all pretty

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