H&M Blue My Mind

2011 is here, and winter solstice has finally occured, that means that spring is not far away! Or at least one can pretend… There’s not much that reminds me of spring and summer today, in fact, the snow is deeper than ever. I can’t wait for spring, it’s my favorite time of year! I’m sick of the cold and dark, no sunlight and barely any daylight at all.

So I thought I could at least have something bright and fun on my nails, and H&M Blue My Mind is just the right medicine! It is a bright, almost neon, cornflower blue creme. This just makes me so happy, it’s simple, but oh so beautiful. A perfect slice of bright summer sky on this dark winter day.

This is very easy to apply, I won’t call the formula thick, just…firm, if that makes sense. It doesn’t run anywhere and goes exactly where I want it to go. Opaque in two coats. It is kinda matteish on its own, so if you want a high gloss, wear a topcoat.

I also decorated it with a Konad stamp from image plate m65, stamped with China Glaze Millennium.

Are you sick of winter yet? What do you do to cheer yourself up while waiting for the sun?

Have a nice day, everyone!
Love, S.

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  1. Jag älskar den färgen! Så härlig!!

  2. I have that polish too! I love it! :D
    Jeg tenkte faktisk å ta den på meg i går ^^
    Jeg har litt problemer med Konad stamping (har ikke det ekte systemet, men kopi.) Mitt design vil ikke feste seg skikkelig. Det deler seg, og jeg må stemple flere ganger, og det blir stygt og det legger seg oppå hverandre. Jeg bruker ikke de spesielle lakkene, er det grunnen til at det ikke funker så bra? :) Det virker som det tørker litt fort kanskje.. Men stempleren er også litt ryglete , har det noe si? Skal jeg prøve å file den litt? :) Takk for hjelp :-)

    • Ja, kanskje file stempelet litt kan hjelpe. Også å ikke skrape så hardt på platen og trykke stempelet så hardt på platen. Man må nesten bare prøve og feile litt. :)

  3. I forgot to say that, yes, I am sick of winter too! I hate the snow and the temperate :( I want summer! :( <3
    And, I love your design :)

  4. Blue my Mind är verkligen en otroligt härlig färg! Snyggt med dekorationen också. Jag vill alltid skaffa den plattan när jag ser såna hä manikyrer men det blir aldrig av sen…

  5. Oh, How I love Blue My Mind! It’s one of the most gorgeous blues ever made!

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