Clarins 230

What is there to say about Clarins 230? It’s only the most beautiful and also most elusive nail polish in the world. Up until today, I had never thought I’d have it on my fingers, but all good things come to those who wait! The reason why it’s so hard to find, is because apparantly the pigment used to produce the color shifting effect just doesn’t exist any more, and it’s not possible to reproduce it.

For those of you who don’t know Miss Unicorn Pee, she’s a multichrome shimmer that literally shifts in every color in the rainbow. Words are worthless, so please have some spam! (You definitely want to enlarge these pics!)

Clarins 230 is very sheer, I would rather call it a layering topcoat than a polish you can wear on its own. In these pics, I’ve layered 2 coats of 230 over OPI Diva of Geneva, which is similar to 230’s main color. Application was problem free, but who are we kidding, I would have loved this one if I had to load it on there with a shovel.

Do you love Clarins 230 as much as me, or do you think it’s meh? What is your favorite polish ever?

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, S.

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  1. Holy Mary mother of God! Miss Unicorn Pee is darn pretty!!
    I haven’t dared wearing mine yet, I’m telling myself it’s not because I’m daunted by it’s pure beauty but because it’s my Valentine’s day present so have to wait till feb 14th ^_^
    smooches <3

  2. Oh.
    How beautiful is this?? Not only have you taught me now that Clarins actually sells nail polish (thx also for that!) but THIS is one of the prettiest shimmers I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. out of this world! however, I bet money it looks even better in person *sigh

  4. Det ser helt FANTASTISKT ut! Vackraste lacket någonsin kanske? Dreglar framför datorn. :-D

  5. Wow, it can no longer be made?! Talk about making it even more desireable :D It’s just adorable!

  6. It is absolutely beautiful! What’s more amazing, eBay sellers are offering it for $80-$200/bottle. GASP!

  7. My body actually hurts from wanting this too much.

  8. If I had to look at swatches of only one nail polish for the rest of my life, it would be Clarins 230. And I’m ashamed to say, that I think I’m be capable of killing for it.

    • It’s certainly something out of this world!
      I don’t think you have to kill for it, it’s still available on ebay and blog sales, I think. :)

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