Frankens: Bubble Gum & Grace

I have a lot of polishes from Depend, but as you might know, the bottles are really small (5 ml). I was quite annoyed with the small bottles and unwieldy brushes, so I figured I could use the polishes to make something better. So I decided to franken them in some OPI bottles, because I just love the OPI brush.

The first franken is made from three pink polishes: 198 (light pastel pink), 200 (rosy peach) and 201 (pastel peach). I used one bottle of each, and filled up the rest with clear. This resulted in a bright peachy pink creme, so of course I called it Bubble Gum.

The next franken is called Grace, it’s a blueish grey creme. I love this so much, it reminds me of MAC Blue India. I used two bottles of 159 (purple creme, a little brighter than GOSH Wild Lilac) and one bottle of 169 (dark grey creme), and topped it off with some clear.

This was quite hard to capture, and these pics are not totally color accurate. It’s not as blue in real life, think more grey.

I was a little disappointed in this at first, because the first swatch looked straight up grey. So I had to put it next to another grey polish, and then the blue popped right out. Here’s a comparison with China Glaze Recycle.

So there you have it, my franken escapades of the day! I have to gather up some more empty OPI bottles now, the Depends are awesome for frankening!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. awesome awesome awesome! i would buy grace for sure!

  2. Loving that blue/grey – gorgeous

  3. :) I love both of these. Good job!

  4. Both colours look fabulous!

  5. Wow! They look amazing!! You have to produce them! ^^ I would buy these colors!! I want! :D Do you know about some similar polishes? :)

    • You can get the Depends and make them yourself, too! :)

      I don’t know which polishes are similar exactly, but I guess there are plenty of pink cremes like this one out there. The grey one reminds me of MAC Blue India, but that’s really hard to find. Another similar polish is Depend Nr. 170. :)

  6. cool…….I love your bubble gum…..

  7. Ser ju riktigt trevliga ut! Svårt att få tag på tomma OPI flaskor dock, kan jag tänka mig, för det enda från OPI jag någonsin tagit slut på är min nagelstärkare. ;D

  8. They’re both gorgeous!

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