Orly Nail Rescue Kit

About an hour ago a big flake chipped off from my nail, normally this would send me into a wailing frenzy, but not today. This is the perfect opportunity to try Orly’s Nail Rescue Kit. I got this off of eBay a while ago, because I was tired of having to file all my nails down once one of them broke.

This kit contains a bottle of nail glue, a jar of acrylic powder and a small buffer.

The instructions are pretty clear, just brush the glue on the nail, dip it in the powder and buff until smooth. You can repeat the process for added strength. To remove the stuff, soak in acetone until dissolved. Don’t peel it off the nail, because that kinda defies the purpose, doesn’t it?

Here’s the monstrous peel I’m trying to save. It just popped right off when I stuck my hand in my mailbox! (Probably too eager to see if I had recieved any interesting packages!) Please do not be scared, but the macro setting makes everything look super gnarly.

It’s a good idea to make everything ready before you start applying the glue, you don’t want to wrestle with the lid on the powder when your nail is sticky from superglue! So here’s the setup.

I don’t have any pics of the application process itself, remember, this has to go really quickly. I didn’t bother putting the glue all over my nail, so I just covered the crack with the glue and dipped it in the powder. This is how it looks immediately after dipping.

And here is the nail after buffing and cleaning.

And finally, the repaired nail with a fresh coat of nail polish.

The repair is practically invisible under the polish, and it feels nice and strong. I’m really happy I bought this kit, it works so much better than silk wraps. Good thing for my thumbs, they always peel and split down to the quick.

If you haven’t tried this repair kit, I’ll definitely recommend it!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. So sorry for your peel :( *hugs

    BUT it makes for a very interesting and useful post. I love these types of posts! AND the result looks great!

    If I had a penny for every time my eagerness caused nail damage *sigh, I’d be rich!

    • Thanks, I feel so proud getting praise from the queen of tutorial posts! :D

      I always break my nails doing the stupidest thing, like putting on jeans. *sigh*

  2. OMG I want to smooch you right now, <3. You can wear the crown any day of the week.

    LOL, I can't count how many times the damn zipper grabbed my nail side wall. Blarg! Yeah man, my motto … "I loving shoving my hands in doors, drawers and automobiles" ….. tee hee

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