Illamasqua Rare

Now you’ll see something you’ve never seen on this blog before: A yellow polish! And not just any yellow either, but an eye-searingly neon yellow creme. I’m talking about Illamasqua Rare.

I have never wanted a yellow polish before, but a few weeks ago I just decided I need a neon yellow for pedis this summer! And this will look so damn cool peeking out of a pair of sandals. Of course I had to try it on my hands first, and I don’t even care if it gives me lobster hands from hell. OMG, it’s so awesome!

Of course, this didn’t want to play with my camera, so just imagine that these pics don’t lean green, just think YELLOW, ok?

The formula is nice and creamy, and just the perfect consistency for application. But it wouldn’t be a neon if it didn’t have a few quirks, would it? The first and second coat go on quite streaky and patchy, but it evens out nicely with the third. I bet it would look even nicer if I waited longer between each coat, but I don’t have the patience for that. Being a neon, this dries to a satin finish on its own, so if you want both retina-killing brightness and shiny glossiness, bring on the topcoat.

Do you have any neons lined up for summer? What will be your pedi favorite this year?

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. Oh wow. I didn’t know they had a yellow!

  2. I love how neons pop!

    If I were to wear them I think I’d go for something orange or red, those are the least likely to make me look like I need a transfusion :o
    I only own one neon color-ChG Flying Dragon but I don’t consider it a neon since it’s not day-glo.

    Can sandal days come now, please?

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