Winter Blues

I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of posts here the last couple of weeks, the truth is I’ve been so uninspired lately that I simply didn’t feel like blogging. I’m so sick of winter, so I think the weather has been bringing me down a lot. Last week we had a full-blown snow storm, and now it has already snowed heavily for three days in a row. I just want spring! I have a whole bunch of gorgeous holos in my untrieds drawer, but there’s no point in wearing them when there’s no sun, is there? So please, weather gods, BRING THE SPRING ALREADY!

I did take a few pics of some of my manis these last weeks, though, so this post isn’t all whining! The first is of China Glaze Recycle, which I spruced up with a glitter gradient made with nailstation diamond wedding. I’m not bothering with a review of this one, because it’s an old and well-known polish which I’m sure a lot of you have either tried or read about before. It’s a very nice grey creme, that’s for sure.

Here’s today’s mani, with my franken Grace as a base, stamped with BM 15 and China Glaze Admire.

Gizmo braves the snowy weather just to turn in to a snow-cat.

Cross your fingers for spring, sun and warmer weather, guys! I’m chewing the wallpaper right now, I got to get some grass under my feet! And not least HOLOS on my fingers! Yeah!

I hope I see you soon, guys!
Love, S.

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  1. Don’t worry hon, the same thing happens to me in the winter. In fact I just bought a “happy light” I hope it works!

  2. I never gave this shade a second glance. Pretty! Love the Kitty too! :D

  3. Hahah love the grumpy kitty face. Mine went into the snow on the porch once and thought it was great…but snow in Oregon is like wet slush… good luck on the sun. We have like one week of sunny weather here… or it just feels like it.

    • Haha, Giz hates to walk in the snow, he always backtracks into his own pawprints. ;)
      The sun is nowhere to be seen yet, it’s snowing heavier than ever right now…

  4. I’ll be here when you’re ready :D

    lol at Gizmo, his eyes are cracking me up! You could totally put that in a comic strip.

    • I think my whining helped, the weather’s beautiful today with sun and bright sky over blinding white snow. :)

      Hehe, Giz is the king of the house and he knows it. ;)

  5. Woooowwww I love the Grey/Silver gradient, awesome! Also, I’m gonna steal your idea of a purple with CG Adore…can you believe I’ve never done that before? I suck haha. So pretty!

  6. Vilken vacker katt! Vilka tjusiga manikyrer!

  7. Jeg liker Gizmo bedre enn lakken.

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