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China Glaze How About A Tumble?

The weather is so nice today, I couldn’t resist putting on one of my other Kaleidoscopes. This is China Glaze How About A Tumble?, a beautiful, cool, light pink holographic.

These pics are taken before adding a topcoat, because I wanted to show you how truly awesome these polishes really are. Even these pictures don’t make this polish justice, it’s totally breathtaking in real life!

Same nice and easy formula as Let’s Do It In 3D, opaque in 3 coats.

I hope the weather stays this nice, because I have a lot of beautiful holos to show you!

Have a nice day!
Love, S.

China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3D

You know I told you about how I was hoarding holos, right? Well, this is one of those polishes, China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3D, a beautiful grey holographic from the Kaleidoscope collection.

The holo effect in the Kaleidoscope polishes lies somewhere between the linear holo of collections like China Glaze OMG and the Make Up Store holographics, and the more scattered, “gritty” holo like the Milani 3Ds. I actually prefer the sligthly more scattered look, because even if the linear holos look superfantastic in the right light, they also look very dull and matte in low light. I’d rather have a polish that looks nice in all lights and fantastic in the sunlight, than something that only looks good when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Kaleidoscopes it is!

I put a topcoat over this, and I have to admit that it dampened the holo quite a bit. I don’t mind sacrificing a bit of linearity, though, because I like my nails to be shiny (unless I’ve deliberately made them matte, that is).

Nice and easy, just slightly thin formula. Opaque in 2-3 coats, shown is 3 coats with topcoat.

What kind of holographic finish do you like best?

Thanks for looking!
Love, S.

Orly Iron Butterfly

I know spring is time for brights, pastels and holos, but sometimes it’s nice to do the complete opposite of what’s expected. I often find myself craving light and bright colors during winter, and today I decided to wear a dark and rocked out matte instead of the pastel cremes I’ve been reaching for lately.

Orly Iron Butterfly was released in 2009 as a part of the Metal Chic collection. It’s a dark charcoal matte with silver glitter, and it looks beautiful both with the original matte finish as well with a glossy topcoat.

This matte was a dream to apply, the consistency is light and easy to work with. It doesn’t dry too fast, so you have plenty of time to even out the polish on the nail. It’s also opaque in one coat, but I’m wearing two coats in these pics because ironically enough I messed up a few of the nails during cleanup and I wanted to even everything out. The color turns from dark charcoal to more black in the second coat.

How do you prefer Iron Butterfly, matte or shiny?

Have a nice day, thanks for reading!
Love, S.

Beauty is…

The sun is finally here!

The sun is finally here!

Nfu-Oh 51

The prettiest bottle


Spring has sprung!




Giz strike a pose!





Chanel Mimosa

For spring 2011, Chanel has released a collection called “Les Fleurs D’Ete”, which means “summer flowers”.

One of the beautiful polishes in this collection is Chanel Mimosa, a lovely sunny yellow with lots of beautiful golden shimmer. And it got here just in time for Easter! I’m sorry for the dark and dull pictures, but the sun is being really shy this spring!

This polish was really nice and easy to apply, but unfortunately it was really sheer. I ended up having to use four coats before I was happy with the coverage, and that lead to it drying really slowly, so I managed to bump into a lot of stuff and ruining my mani before it was dry (even with Posh√©).¬† Because of all the coats, I also got a lot of bubbles on my nails. The next time I wear this, I think I’ll wear it over a white or neutral “underwear” polish.

I hope you’re having a great Easter! I’m going to see my family tomorrow, so I’ll be away for a little while. See you later!
Love, S.


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