BB Couture Impact Driver

Let me just tell you, having a blog sale and a no-buy at the same time is a terrible idea! I didn’t save any money or reduce my stash, because every penny I earn from the blog sale goes to new polish! Oh well, I’ve at least minimized my wish list lately, by acquiring a lot of long-time lemmings.

One of those lemmings is BB Couture Impact Driver. Now, BB Couture is one of the few companies I know of that have a series of nailpolish made especially for men. They have lots of different collections for men, and I think the colors are actually cooler than the “for ladies” collections. And I just love that you can see all of the polishes swatched on real nails in the BB Couture online shop! Why don’t more companies do this?

Anyway, Impact Driver is  a deep, dusty slate blue infused with blue, silver and purple microglitter. The glitter particles almost look like microscopic flakies, and it gives the polish not as much sparkle as a sort of interesting texture. I totally love it!

The formula is simply divine to work with, ultra pigmented and almost opaque in one coat! I used two, though, to even everything out. The polish has a wonderful consistency, and it levels itself beautifully on the nail. It says on the bottle that it’s “specially formulated just for men”, and then I thought, do men need or deserve better formulas than us girls? I haven’t tried any of BB Couture’s other polishes, so I hope this fantastic formula is there in the girl’s polishes as well! I just hope the men’s formula doesn’t give me chest hair, that’s all!

What do you think of nailpolish on men? Is polish a thing that should be for women only?

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. That’s a very nice color! I’ve never tried any of their “for men” polishes (though I hope to soon), but I love all of their polishes that I have.

  2. Fantastic color! Not convinced it’s manly but whatev’s.

    “Formulated for men” … pshhh … Like “womens” polish some color formulas a better than others because of pigments and such, for example holos always apply like butta. They probably put that microglitter in there on purpose so that they could claim its easy to apply, since men are apparently spastic monkey’s at applying polish.

  3. This looks really amazing on your nails! I think I need it :) And all BB polishes for girls, I’ve tried, have a perfect formula too!

  4. What an awesome color!! It’s beautiful :)

  5. Väldigt vackert, det rosa skimret ger lacket det där lilla extra.

  6. Jeg lurer på noe:
    Jeg kjøpte en gang en plate med blant annet zebra striper på. Dette var ikke ekte Konad plate. På denne platen var mønstrene ganske små, de passet ikke på neglene mine. Det jeg lurer på er om den ekte Konad platen M57, har like små mønstre? Passer platen til alle negler? Mine negler er litt lange.. ca. sånn som dette, kanskje litt lengre:
    (Ikke mine negler)
    Tusen takk for hjelp :)

    • Hei!
      Jeg har prøvd Bundle Monster-platene, som ikke er ekte Konad-plater, og de fulle mønstrene på dem var for smale for mine negler. De ekte Konad-platene har mønstre som er større, og de kan jeg bruke uten problemer på nesten alle neglene mine (må bare dobbeltstemple på tomlene, mens med BM måtte jeg dobbeltstemple på alle neglene). Jeg tror nok Konad-mønsteret på m57 skal være stort nok til slike negler som er på det bildet der. :)

      • Ok, tusen takk for hjelp :D
        Hadde du hatt mulighet til å tatt et bilde av platen med en 1 kroning (eller en annen mynt) ved siden av , ved feks zebra mønsteret? Slik at jeg kunne sammenlignet med det jeg har, og neglene mine? :) Det hadde vært veldig hyggelig, hvis du gidd :)

  7. Love this. And if it wasn’t for my blog sales right now being out of work, I couldn’t buy ANY polish and then my head would explode and my heart would break and my nails would fall off from lack of new polish on them. LMAO Its a beautiful color on you – I wouldn’t be able to resist either on something like this.

  8. Their Wild West Collections….I like the mens better. I don’t have any of those in person though.

  9. Tusen hjertlig takk, det var veldig snilt! :D Det hjalp veldig! :)

  10. Mm, love these moody/muddy sort of blues.

    And anyone should wear polish, if they’re so inclined. It looks good on all genders =)

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