Chanel Mimosa

For spring 2011, Chanel has released a collection called “Les Fleurs D’Ete”, which means “summer flowers”.

One of the beautiful polishes in this collection is Chanel Mimosa, a lovely sunny yellow with lots of beautiful golden shimmer. And it got here just in time for Easter! I’m sorry for the dark and dull pictures, but the sun is being really shy this spring!

This polish was really nice and easy to apply, but unfortunately it was really sheer. I ended up having to use four coats before I was happy with the coverage, and that lead to it drying really slowly, so I managed to bump into a lot of stuff and ruining my mani before it was dry (even with Poshé).  Because of all the coats, I also got a lot of bubbles on my nails. The next time I wear this, I think I’ll wear it over a white or neutral “underwear” polish.

I hope you’re having a great Easter! I’m going to see my family tomorrow, so I’ll be away for a little while. See you later!
Love, S.

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  1. aaah there it is. Nice swatch! I decided to get the possible dupe of this, from Catrice called “010 Don’t feed the birds”. Unfortunately, they just took it out of their product-range… geez, as if they don’t follow the newest trends at all!

  2. OMG. Just….omg. :O

  3. Such a pretty colour, it’s a shame that the Chanel formula is so hard to work with.

  4. aaaaahh!!! I want it, I’m in love with yellow this spring :)

    • I think it’s well worth the money! I have a yellow bug this spring as well, I’ve recently bought 3 yellow polishes, and I’ve never owned a yellow polish before! :D

  5. Ser riktigt fint ute:) tyvärr tycker jag att Chanel lacken är för dyra så denna får jag nog skippa. Hoppas på en dupe:)

  6. Den ser helt underbar ut! kommer nog aldrig köpa det dock, Chanel är för dyrt, men den ser fantastiskt fin ut på bild.

  7. Det ser jättefint ut, men jag kommer nog inte att köpa det. Ska jag betala nästan 300 sek för ett lack så vill jag inte att det krävs fyra lager för att få det täckande.

  8. It looks so nice on you!

  9. This looks really good! I might actually have to get this :)

  10. I so love the color….Yellow…..My color……And bonus that it really looks good on you. Me, well I just love it but I think it is not suited with my complexion…..Maybe its just my thinking but thats what I feel….hehe….

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