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I want to write a post dedicated to the girl who saved my nails from utter destruction and heartbreak – THROUGH SCIENCE! I’m of course talking about Anna, the beauty and brains behind the awesome blog loodie loodie loodie.

Before I got into this entire nail polish craziness, I never really paid any attention to my nails. I kept them super short and didn’t need any treatment, because there was almost nothing to treat. Then, when I started growing and polishing my nails, I realized that they needed some care.

My main problem was peeling. My God, the peelies! No matter what I tried, I could rip big flakes off of the top of my nails, and of course this lead to them breaking pretty easily. I went through a lot of stuff to try and get rid of this problem, such as OPI Nail Envy, Essie Millionails, Herôme Nail Hardener and Gelous, but nothing cured my soft and peely nails. In the end I just resorted to buffing away the peelies, which didn’t exactly make matters any better.

Then, one day, I found Anna’s blog, and I saw the light. She has written an entire series of articles on nail strenghteners, where she explains which strengthener is right for which type of nail (problem), based on the ingredients in the treatments. Suddenly, I understood that I had to find a treatment with the right stuff in it for my nails! This stuff turned out to be formaldehyde.

About a month ago, I started using Trind Nail Repair as a basecoat, and after three weeks the peelies were gone and my nails were super strong and hard! They actually grow so long that I have to file them down, something I’ve never experienced before. I’m very careful not to overharden the nail plate, though, so I’m having a break from Trind right now and using Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler for a while instead.

Here’s a pic of my freshly filed nails of today, sporting Chanel Mimosa with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on top.

A big thank you hug to Anna for teaching me how to treat my nails right! Now, you go over there and get edumacated too! (And read the rest of her blog as well, it’s so cool!)

Thanks for reading!
Love, S.

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  1. Love this combo…I never would have thought to layer Hidden Treasure over Mimosa — I will go and try it out right away (thank God I have both polishes…lol!!)…thanks! And your nails look awesome!

  2. Love Loodie3! Great information!!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Anna saved my nails, too. Love her!
    PS: Your nails look great. How did you get Mimosa to look like that? It was a disaster for me!

    • She’s such a sweetie! :)

      Mimosa is very difficult to work with, I cannot lie. I thinned it a bit and used very thin coats, but there still was some streaking. That’s why I put HT on top! :D

  4. BIG OLD THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!! Okay i’ll stop shouting now. Darn it I love that HT.

  5. I have to forward that info to a few girls who I know are having that problem!

  6. Jepp, formaldehyde för mig med. Men jag kör med OPI Natural Nail Strengthener för Trind funkade aldrig för mig. Jag vet inte varför, för jag använde det under ett helt år men såg inget resultat. NNS räddade mitt “nagelliv” även om jag målade naglarna även när de var mjuka, skivade sig och var allmänt misäriga.

  7. I have the exact same problem as you had.. I can never grow my nails long cause when they hit a certain length they start to peel and crack. I can remove huge flakes from my nails at times :/
    I use Mavala Scientifique at the moment (it is supposed to bind the three nail layers together), they still peel but I think its cause I havent used it long enough :)
    It really feels awesome to put the polish on though, you can feel how it makes the nails stronger :)
    take care

    P.S Your nails look amazing :)

  8. Can I use the nail repair as a base coat under nail polish?

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