OPI Movin’ Out

Here’s a little beauty from way back in 2003, OPI Movin’ Out from the gorgeous Holiday on Broadway collection. Seriously, why can’t we get awesome duochromes like La Boheme and Man of La Mancha anymore?

Anyway, this is also a duochrome, and it shifts from a beautiful rosy pink/light purple to a golden shimmer and sometimes a green flash and it also has bright gold glitter! Phew! Lots of stuff going on with this stunner. Of course, it’s really sheer on its own, so I layered it over two coats of my franken Bubble Gum. I’m sure the look of this polish would change according to which polish you layer it over, I bet it would look awesome over a darker purple.

Lots of photos today, I tried to capture most of the color changes.

The formula is thin and sheer, but nice and easy to work with. This is 3 coats over Bubble Gum, I don’t think the polishes like eachother very well, because it bubbled like crazy. Because this is an older OPI, it’s not Big 3 Free, so that might be the reason.

I’m totally mesmerized by this polish, and I think it may be my favorite pink ever! Not a mean feat for a pink lover like me. What’s your favorite pink?

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

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  1. I like! Always a sucker for pinks :)

  2. this is freakin’ gorgeous!

  3. Wow, vad vackert! Har aldrig sett detta förut.

  4. Verkligen jättesöt!

  5. Oooh, how shiny. That pink is really cute (am another sucker for a good pink). Also, tagged you with a blog award thingy and a cup of tea over at Konad Abuse.

  6. Beautiful! I’m waiting for mine to come.

  7. I agree, wonderful! Too bad it’s not big 3 free though

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