ManGlaze Matte Is Murder

Matte Is Murder is a black matte polish from the company that makes nailpolish for men, ManGlaze. They have a wide range of matte polishes and topcoats, and even though I’m not a man, I take the chance on wearing this beauty anyway.

The polish is easy to apply, it doesn’t dry too quickly, so you don’t have to rush when you’re polishing. That’s good, because I paint slower than a snail on Valium. (Hey, at least I stay “within the lines” that way!) This isn’t your regular boring black, it also has microshimmer that gives it a nice, satiny look. Here it is matte.

When a glossy topcoat is applied, Matte Is Murder really shines, so to speak. The microshimmer is actually holographic, which doesn’t show up when it’s matte. Here’s a macro shot with topcoat (stamp is BM 212 and China Glaze Millennium).

Have you tried any of ManGlaze’s matte polishes?

Have a nice day, thanks for reading!
Love, S.

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  1. I do not own any of their polishes but this one looks very edgy. I liiike! I am also a huge fan of the way you used that stamp… I’ve been eyeing it without any real ideas of how to use it ;) thanks

  2. I LOVE ManGlaze polishes! They’re gorgeous, and they last forever. This is one I don’t have but will snag, I love it shiny too.

  3. Så snyggt! Är väldans sugen på några ManGlaze-lack

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