Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

I have never been a fan of chunky glitter polish, so when Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe was released last fall, I wasn’t that impressed. Of course, I would soon have to eat my words, as I’ve done so many times before. People were gushing over this one so much, so finally I decided to see for myself what this was all about. Oh boy, I do not regret jumping on the chunky glitter bandwagon!

Across The Universe is a glitter party out of the ordinary. It has a dark blue jelly base, loads of small blue glitter and also bigger green and turquoise hexagonal glitter. These pictures don’t really show how sparkly it is, but believe me when I say it’s awesome!

I thought this would be really sheer because of the jelly base, but it is surprisingly easy to get full coverage. I used three medium coats, and I think it needs to be built on its own to get that depth of the glitter showing through the jelly base. It’s smooth and easy to apply, no problems there.

Have you fallen in love with the chunky glitter yet?

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  1. You wear this well! It looks beautiful on on you!

  2. This is so amazing. I keep on telling myself I don’t need to get into another brand of polish, but if I were to get anything from Lippmann, I’d get this. ♥

    • Oh yeah, I know what you mean! I hate having just one or two of a brand, so it’s a big decision to “start” another brand. This is really worth it, though! :)

  3. This is stunning! I have yet to pull mine out for a mani…maybe I will :)

  4. Yes, YES, Y-E-S!!! LOVE!

  5. That blue is very pretty. I recently bought KleanColor’s Chunky black holo (which has the big hex particles and smaller glitter particles in it like this one) and aside from the shrinkage I get (because its so jelly + that’s what SV does) I admit I like it too.

  6. Like you, I held off until about 3 months ago to get this one. I just could not face another battle getting glitter polish off and then to boot not have a really smooth top on my nails from the chunky glitter. But I heart this one from DL as you do. Might even be one of my fav top 3 of all time glitter polishes. Oh and I am not a blue/green polish kid typically like so many of you out there are. I know…something is off in me – I don’t fit the mold of all the top nail-holics out there – turning my back on a lot of the blues (unless they are dark) and even less so with greens for me – cannot do the chalky colors at all when those 2 shades hit the pastel range. Give me a great red, a beautiful fuchsia and I go nuts!

    • You know, I’m actually a lot like you! I’m not a big fan of dark blues and green/teal/turquoise, but despite all that, I think this polish is freakin gorgeous! Definitely one of my favorite glitters as well!

  7. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. it really looks great on you!

  8. That’s absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I’ve been gone a week and all np blogs have new layouts! ;) Love the new layout, very clean, I like :D

  10. Den ser fantastisk ut!

  11. I absolutely love her chunky glitters, although like most folks I despise removing it. This one is a stunner and I’m glad I have it! If I didn’t it would go straight to my lemming list based on your pictures, it’s making me want to wear it right now!

    • I removed this yesterday, and it was a breeze with the foil method. Thank goodness for the nail board that taught me how to remove glitters, or else I don’t think I’d be wearing them much. :)

  12. Denne står høyt oppe på ønskelisten min. Den er så utrolig fin :D

  13. I do like Glitter in the Air, otherwise I haven’t really ‘got’ chunky glitters….yet ^^ Your nails look impeccable though!

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