Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

Time for another rainbow in a bottle!

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple is essentialy the same as the fuchsia version, the only difference is that the jelly base in this one is purple. It’s so sheer that it actually doesn’t matter what the base color is, it won’t change the color of what you’re layering it over anyway. It seems like all of the Chunky Holos have the same glitter, so there’s really no need to get them all. Just get the one you like best and layer it over the color you want it to be.

Here I’ve put 2 coats of Chunky Holo Purple over GOSH Wild Lilac. Multichrooooooome!

This beauty really calls for some bottle pron! My cameras swear up and down that this is blue (filthy little liars), but the base is actually purple.

Amazeballs, or what!?!

Will you be getting any of these Kleancolors?

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  1. BALLZ! love them!

  2. Completely AMAZEBALLS! Totally in love with your swatches.

    (sorry for the all caps–but I think it deserves it!)

    I love your swatches!

  4. I’m totally loving this!

  5. They are somewhere in the world right now, heading to my mailbox. I hope they get here soon!

  6. Oof, you are giving me serious cause to order these, my poor wallet.

  7. These are the first pictures of this that make me want to buy it! Just beautiful!

  8. EEK!!! Yes, it is amazing. I must pull it out of my untrieds. You wear it well :)

  9. For meg som elsker lilla ser denne ut som en DRØM :D Nydelig!!

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