The new batch

I just got a new batch of cabochons and fittings from Beadaholique, time to play! Here are my first four creations from the last week.

From top to bottom: Ozotic Pro 505 (Eclipse) over black, Clarins 230 over OPI Diva of Geneva, OPI DS Glamour, Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia over China Glaze Endurance.

I was a little too eager to finish my first couple of rings and earrings, so I didn’t wait long enough between coats on the cabochons and I ended up with bubbles in my jewelry. This time I was more patient, and I’ve spent days just polishing these beads to make sure they don’t bubble.

Prettyyyyy! I can’t wait to wear these!

Duochromes are really amazing for this kind of stuff, I tried some of the Orly Cosmics, but I think I’ll ditch them in favor of Nfu-Oh flakies. My mom got a Nfu-Oh 51 ring and a pair of matching earrings, she was very happy with them! These beauties make very nice gifts for friends and relatives.

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  1. So beautiful! I get more and more inspired to do my own jewelries. :)

  2. These are gorgeous!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Så oerhört vackra! Jag har gjort flera med duochromes och massor med KleanColors Chunky Holos! Det blir verkligen vackert!

  5. What sort of glue do you use for these? I’m worried the glue I’ve been trying is not strong enough – it’s E6000 industrial strength, and was recommended at a jewelry store, but… not certain it’s tough enough.

    • I’m using the E6000 as well, I have been using the earrings I made for a few weeks, and they seem to be holding up. I wouldn’t be soaking the rings in water too much, though.

  6. It is beautiful. How do you make them. I love duo chrome! :)

  7. Noe så nydelig! Det må jo være helt spesielt med slike ringer/smykker som man lager selv :D

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