China on my hand

I’m not the most creative when it comes to nail art, usually I just do a subtle monochrome stamping or I see an amazing idea on another blog and try to copy it. So when I got this idea for today’s mani, I was pretty darn proud of myself!

My inspiration for this manicure are those old style china patterns that were on my grandmother’s plates. I’m sure you all have seen them, but here’s a pic to jog your memory. I thought this would be a super cute style for a nail design, so I got out China Glaze Snow, China Glaze First Mate and Konad image plate m73 and went to it.

I’m so happy that the design I had in my head translated this well to the nails! First Mate works beautifully for stamping, and this design is just what I had in mind when I thought of the china pattern. Also, this particular design is great when you have to double stamp, which I had to do on a couple of nails. It’s so swirly that it’s hard to make out where the edges are, which is perfect when you need to hide the flaws.

Where do you get inspiration for your nail art?

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  1. Oh wow, I love this! It’s super cute!

  2. I love it! And this is one of my favourite image plates, so I absolutely plan on copying this mani soon!

  3. This is stunning!!! I just got a nice pearly white from Revlon… I may have to try this !!!!! Beautifully done!

  4. That’s really elegant! What topcoat do you use?

  5. ohmygosh this is sooooo pretty(: I love this!

  6. Love it…looks so clean and neat. I would have never thought you double stamped :)

  7. This is so pretty! It looks exactly like china plates and the stamping is so perfect!

  8. Wow, nydelig :D Har veldig lyst på denne konadplaten selv.

  9. Wow! Helt fantastiskt fint! Jag vill också ha så!

  10. Love this, so much. Super delicate and lovely.

  11. This is sooo beautiful! I have to try it out!

  12. I love this so much!!! So perfect!

  13. Aaaah!
    Jag samlar på Musselmalet, det här var just den bästa manikyren jag sett typ! Så fin!! :-)

    • Så det er Musselmalet det mønsteret heter! Takk skal du ha, det var akkurat det jeg hadde i tankene da jeg lagde denne manikyren! :D

  14. Godt å vite at First Mate duger til stempling :D (for den lakken har eg!). Ble utrolig flott dette designet :)

  15. The use of the white and blue is PERFECT. I often find nail designs a bit busy, but this is adorable. :)

  16. Danielle howerton

    What are image plates?

    • Image plates are metal plates with etched images on them, which are used to transfer patterns in nail polish onto your nail. Google “Konad”, and you’ll see how they are used. :)

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