OPI It’s My Year

OPI recently released a collection of four polishes in collaboration with the Miss Universe pageant. Only one of them caught my interest, but I also fell fast and hard in love with OPI It’s My Year when I saw the first swatches. When I opened my package from eBay, I squee’d with glee, the polish is so amazing in the bottle!

Luckily, it’s also a dream on the nails. It’s My Year has a purple jelly base and lots of gold foil glitter throughout, making it a super sparkly wonder. However, I’ve been a little confused about the names of the polishes in this collection, because I’ve seen swatches of It’s My Year where it’s called Congeniality Is My Middle Name and vice versa. As you can see from my macro pic, the name on my bottle is definitely It’s My Year. Another gold star to OPI’s “excellent” quality control, I guess.

The formula is nice and smooth, maybe just a hair on the runny side, but nothing extreme. I needed three coats for opacity.

Have you tried any of the Miss Universe polishes?

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  1. This one is very pretty. I have to look for this collection on the weekend :)

  2. This is the only one that caught my eye too. It’s like a more-purple Zoya Faye, which I am obsessed with! I’ve also seen a lot of different names for these bottles, I think OPI changed their mind mid-release and shuffled them up, as my bottle is also It’s My Year,

  3. Visst är det underbart vackert! Hade höga förväntningar på detta, som OPI slog med råge!

  4. No, I haven’t… But this one looks amazing!

  5. Veldig fin lakk! :)
    Jeg lurer på noe, vet ikke om du vet det, men.. :) Hvis man har gmail, er man da sånn GFC (google friend connect, follower greier) og kan man da lage wordpress blogg (eller noe..)?

    • Takk! :)

      Jeg vet ikke helt om jeg skjønner hva du spør om, men iallfall går det an å logge seg på Google Friend Connect med en gmailadresse. Hvis du lurer på om det går an å installere GFC på en WordPress-blogg, så er nok det korte svaret dessverre nei. (Det går visstnok an på wordpress-drevne blogger som har eget domene, men det var alt for avansert til at jeg skjønte hvordan det eventuelt skulle gjøres.)

  6. I want to get my hands on this collection!

  7. Omg, denne her ser jo bare helt fantastisk ut :D

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