Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance

Yay, my holiday has finally begun! Three weeks off, with plenty of time to play with nail polish.

I’m kicking it off with Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance, a black jelly polish packed with purple small and big hexagonal glitter. I was pretty exited about this one after trying Across The Universe, but I have to admit I’m a little bit disappointed.

This one isn’t as sparkly as ATU, and the polish seems to swallow the glitter somehow. It just doesn’t stand out that much, and sadly it looks mostly black on the nail. I did however layer it over a black “underwear” polish, so that may contribute to it seeming darker, because it loses some of the jelly squishyness. But the swatches I see of this one online doesn’t seem to be any brighter, so I think it’s supposed to look this way.

This polish applies like a dream, so it’s definitely a high-end polish that’s worth its high price (formula-wise, at least)! Not like some polishes that are a pain to apply and chip the same day (*cough* Chanel *cough*).

As I said, I layered it over one coat of black, because I don’t like how the jelly usually shrinks and reveals white tips. I used two coats of Bad Romance, and that’s definitely sufficient. It eats a lot of top coat, so I recommend using two coats to make it smooth.

Not a hit from Lippmann this time, but I guess they can’t all be winners!
What’s your favorite Deborah Lippmann polish?

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  1. la la love this! one of my favorite lippmanns :)

  2. Oooooh! Soooo beautiful! Lovely photos to capture a brand I only dream of

  3. Hello from SA :) I absolutely love love love this polish. Your nails are beautiful!

  4. I was deciding between this one and ATU last week and I agree, Bad Romance is not quite as sparkly. But I do still like it a lot!

  5. Jada, elsker lilla! Lilla og svart er jo alltid en fin kombinasjon ;) Liiker!

  6. It’s very pretty but I’m sad to hear it looks black most of the time. It’s a nice idea though!

  7. Black and purple is one of my favorite color combos! But yes, wish it was a bit brighter.

  8. Looks beautiful but is the worth the high price? Lippman polishes are a bit pricey too me and it has discouraged me from any purchase (yet) :-)

    • For this specific one I would have to say no, but all the DLs I’ve tried have fantastic formulas! So if you find a DL you really like and there are no dupes, I’d say a Lippmann polish is definitely worth the higher price. :)

  9. God damn you*! Now I really have to get into Lippmann!

    *no insult intended. Religious or otherwise.

  10. You know, I wanted this so badly, but when I got it I was disappointed. It’s pretty, but I just was expecting something else, and I think you explained it perfectly. It does apply well, and I love your photos! ATU and RRS are so much better.

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