Ozotic Pro Eclipse (505)

Chic and dusty greiges are well and all, but after the muted Groovy Grey I needed something with a bit more punch. And what’s better than the multicrome shimmer Ozotic Pro Eclipse when it comes to color overload?

Here’s an actual transcription of the conversation between me (S)  and my husband (R) while I was polishing my nails:

R: You have too many polishes and can’t decide what color to wear?
S: No, this is a polish that has all the colors in one!
R: Wow!

Duo- and multichrome polishes are never easy to photograph, and while these pics show a lot of colors, I didn’t manage to capture all the colors. For instance, the amazing teal and emerald green flash turned out blue instead. It was so hard to pick just a few pictures of this, so prepare for epic picspam!

Eclipse is very sheer on its own, so it needs to be layered over black to allow the amazing multichrome to appear. Shown here is two coats of Eclipse over two coats of GOSH Nero. The formula of Eclipse is very nice and easy to apply, but I was a little eager while painting and laid it on too thick, so I got some bubbles. Just keep the coats thin, and I think you’ll be fine.

I just love this polish, and it’s also super amazing to use for nail polish jewelry. You can buy Ozotics from Picture Polish at AUD 14.95 a piece.

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  1. Wow! Ozotics polishes looks amazing!

  2. Denne lakken ser virkelig spesiell ut! Elsker slike lakker :D Står høyt på ønskelisten min <3

  3. Otroligt vackert! Jag är så sugen på Ozotics, men känner mig för snål just nu…

  4. På andra bilden ser det ut som att du har målat halva nageln blå och andra halvan lila. Så häftigt lack!!

  5. Du fick till riktigt bra bilder på det! Hopplöst lack att fota :p Men så vackert!

  6. I think I may have just died after looking at the beauty that is 505. I need this polish. NEED IT.

  7. Wow.. underbart lack :O Tycker du har gjort ett mycket bra jobb när det gäller fotograferingen.. :)
    Köpte föresten Groovy Grey igår, tack vare dig :) Blev så kär i den då jag såg bilderna dina här på bloggen så jag måste bara köpa den :)
    Har den på naglarna nu och jag det :)
    Så tack så mycket till dig :)

  8. Awesome! So pretty, and truly all the colors

  9. Vet du når de nye Chanel neglelakkene kommer til Europa? Er det i august (begynnelsen?) eller? :)

  10. SO. FREAKING. STUNNING. Your photos are amazing too!

  11. Underbart lack! Var köper du det märket någonstans?

  12. Haha, jag är tydligen blind :) Tack för tipset!

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