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Nfu-Oh 54 and Zoya Charla

Since I’ve started making nail polish jewelry, I’ve fallen in love with flakies all over again. So after browsing the online store at Viis Ilusalong some months ago, I knew I had to have the beauty that is Nfu-Oh 54. A while later, I managed to get it in a swap, and there were much rejoycing.

54 is from the Nfu-Oh opal series, or “flakies” as we nail polish buffs call them. It has a sheer teal jelly base, and the flakes change from turquoise to electric blue. It’s very similar to Nfu-Oh 50, except for the base color, but the base is very sheer, so it doesn’t really make that much difference which one you choose.

Because of the sheerness, I had to find the perfect “underwear” to showcase this polish. To my horror, I didn’t own a single polish that mimiced the seagreen base color of the Nfu-Oh. But then I figured out what would be perfect, and that was Orly Halley’s Comet. Too bad I had already sold that to a friend of mine. *facepalm* Instead I decided to get the famous dupe that started the frenzy with blue/green “mineral fx”s last year, Zoya Charla from the Sparkle collection.

I know, I know, I hated Halley’s Comet on me when I tried it the last time, but for some stupid reason I love Charla! That’s my wishy-washy brain for ya. Here Charla is on her own.

The formula is ok, but a little bit runny. I’ve used two coats here, but if I’m going to wear it on its own, I’ll  use three coats.

Zoya Charla is a stunning beauty on her own, but when I added two easy coats of Nfu-oh 54, magic happened. This is a match made in nailpolish heaven, the combination turns this mani into a sparklefest of epic proportions! It’s like the prettiest mermaid’s tail you’ve ever seen, a galaxy of glitter and color-changing flakes! My pictures do not do this justice, but still, feast your eyes.

What do you think of this combination? Do you have any other layerings that blow you away?

Funky French With Stamp

I just had to get rid of that awful polish, so instead I decided to do something I almost never do (and something I absolutely don’t know how): A “funky french” manicure. A regular french manicure is as we all know a mani where the free edge of the nail is painted white, while the rest is nude or neutral. A “funky french” is a french manicure with a twist, often made with different colors or with some design added. I used some glitter and a stamp on top, and I don’t think it turned out all that bad.

I did a little “tutorial collage”, so check it out! (You can click the pic to see a bigger version.)

So here’s a step-by-step:

1. After adding a basecoat, paint the tips white, I used China Glaze Snow. You can use french tip guides or do it freehand, I did mine freehand.

2. To give the mani some bling, I used CND Sugar Sparkle, but any sheer glitter or sparkle will do. Seal this with a quick-dry topcoat and wait for it to dry before you go on to step 3.

3. Stamp the nails with the design of your choice, I’ve used Dashica SdP-B with China Glaze Awaken.

4. Add topcoat and clean up around the edges, and you’re done!

This is a simple way to make a boring french manicure a little bit more interesting. Of course you can vary with different colors and stamps, the sky is the limit!

Essie St. Barths Blue

I know I write a lot of rave reviews of polish here, but today I’m going to show you that I don’t actually love all polishes equally. The subject is Essie St. Barths Blue, and let me break this disaster down for you.

1. The color. Usually I love colors like these, this is a pale, greyed out pastel blue shimmer. Sounds very chic, doesn’t it? I don’t know what it is, but this polish makes my hands look dirty somehow. It’s also really boring, too pale to be anything but blah.

I’m sorry about these horrible pictures, but I just couldn’t be bothered with this atrocity any longer than neccessary.

2. The brush. It’s super thin, it’s like shoveling snow with a toothpick. Nice if you have narrow nails, not so nice if you have wide nails like me.

3. The formula. It’s thin and sheer. It’s not too bad to apply, but I needed four coats before it was opaque and non-streaky. Even though I used thin coats and waited between them, I still got bubbles. And even though I used Poshé, it never dries! Also, it smells bad, so I think this must be an old formula Essie (and that might also be why it never dries).

Conclusion: I hate this polish! I don’t know if I’ll get rid of it, because it’s a perfect underwear for Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air, but when I find a replacement, it’s gone for sure!

Do you have any polishes that are as disastrous as this one?

Milani Silver Dazzle

This year, Milani released a collection of “One Coat Glitter” polishes, and today’s Milani Silver Dazzle is my pick from that collection. I’ve had this in my untrieds forever, but I’m glad I finally put it on. This is a real glitterbomb with both silver, grey and black fine glitter. It’s so rock chic and awesome!

To make a rather poetic comparison: Have you ever seen how the snow sparkles in the moonlight when it’s really cold outside? This polish looks like how the snow would sparkle if it were black (not like polluted, but black snowflakes). Cheesy, I know, but it’s really beautiful!

Even though it’s called “one coat glitter”, I really needed two coats for full coverage. The formula is quite thick (not unexpected with all that glitter), but it’s easy to control. And that’s good, because I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to do a lot of cleanup with a glitter this dense! If you do get some polish on your skin, I recommend waiting until it’s dry and rather scrape it off gently. If you try cleaning it up with acetone, you’ll end up with glitter all over your hands!

Being such a heavy glitter, this dries very gritty and matte on its own. It’s also a topcoat devourer, so slather that topcoat on! I used two coats and it’s still a bit bumpy, but I don’t care. If you want a completely smooth mani, I hear that Gelous is a really good topcoat to use over these “hungry” glitters.

The One Coat Glitter collection has four other colors, red, blue, purple and gold. It’s still available at Cherry Culture, $3.99 a piece.

Franken Turkeys

Isn’t it strange how you can go from hating a color to craving it like crazy? I used to hate turquoise polish on me, and I even sold my Orly Halley’s Comet, but suddenly I found myself desperate for a teal creme! I didn’t even have time to order something online, I had to have it instantly, so of course the answer was frankening.

I mixed nailstation haute voltige, IsaDora Vintage Mint and two drops of IsaDora Hunter Green, and my franken Turkeys was born! (You might wonder why the polish has such a random name, it’s simply because “turkeys” sounds like the Norwegian word for turquoise, turkis. Cheesy, I know, I know…)

Of course this blue/green wants to look blue and only blue in pictures, but it’s actually more green in real life. The perfect medium between blue and green, I’d say. A darker version of China Glaze For Audrey.

Have you ever done a 180 and gone from hating a polish color on you to wanting and loving it, or is it just me?


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