Holographic Frankens

With true holographics becoming harder and harder to find, it’s nice to know that one true holo can give you double the bang for the buck. A while ago, I got OPI DS Sapphire in a swap. Sapphire is a light blue holo, very blah on its own, but it works beautifully for frankens! I split it in half and made two new holos from it, which I’m going to show you today.

The first one is made from about 50% OPI DS Sapphire and 50% Isadora Hunter Green. The result is a deep forest green scattered holo, something I’ve never seen before. I call this one Pan.

The second franken is a deep purple scattered holo which I’ve called Smoke On The Water. I mixed 50% OPI DS Sapphire with 50% GOSH Deep Purple. This one is pretty similar to Color Club Wild At Heart.

So which one do you prefer? I think they’re both beautiful, but I have a soft spot for Pan since I’ve never seen a deep green holo before.
Which colors would you franken with a holographic nail polish?

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  1. I am a purple girl :P So that pretty much answers which I prefer :D

  2. The green holo is so amazing! Love it!

  3. I think some people would find it sacrilegious to mess with OPI DS to franken with, but seriously if you don’t like the original that much I would totally franken with it in a heart beat too.

    I can’t choose between the two. I really love the blue/green dusty-ness of Pan, it’s really unique! And of course purple is just awesome. Smoke on the water has a hint of blue to it, which I just love!

    Both are total wins!!

    • Thank you! :D

      I have to admit it breaks my heart when people franken with OPI DS Original, but unfortunately I can’t put a ban on frankening with certain polishes. ;)

  4. Pan….definitely Pan!! It’s really stunning; sort of dusty and blingy at the same time and really, really unique! Love it!

  5. These are so beautiful! I really love Pan!

  6. Vad fina de blev! Pan skulle jag kunna betala dyra pengar för! :-)

    • Tusen takk! :D
      Vi får mase litt på neglelakkfirmaene så de lager en skikkelig mørkegrønn holo! Jeg tror nok det er noe mange neglelakkelskere har lyst på. :)

  7. Pan var rett og slett nydelig! Men eg elsker jo også alt som er lilla da ;) Kan du forklare hvordan du lager Frankenlakker? Ser for meg at det blir mye griserier av det.. noe “verktøy” du bruker for å helle lakken over i den andre flasken? :) Kjøper du tomme flasker, eller bruker du bare de du allerede har? :)

    • Det blir ikke mye griseri, lakken renner sakte nok til at man klarer å kontrollere den. :)
      Jeg bruker som regel flasker jeg har, enten tomme over/underlakkflasker eller blander direkte i flasken jeg lager franken av. (Det kan være lurt å blande litt i en annen flaske først, slik at man ikke ødelegger “råvarene” ved å blande direkte i flasken.) :)

  8. Wow, these are amazing, exspecially Pan! What a cool, interesting and special color! :)

  9. LOVE Smoke on the Water. beautiful and unique!

  10. The green one definitely! It’s really cool :D

  11. Pan är superläcker!

  12. Oooh. Both of these are stunning, but my heart just swooned for Pan. Hands down. Smoke on the Water looks a lot like Wild At Heart, actually! :)

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