H&M Peppermint Fusion

I fell in love with H&M Peppermint Fusion after seeing Lacquerized’s beautiful pics, and I was so happy when my friend asked me to join her when she was going to the city last week. City means big malls which means H&M, and luckily I got my grubby paws on this periwinkle beauty.

Peppermint Fusion is a periwinkle blue with ice blue shimmer, very pretty and unique. The shimmer is of the shy, “hidden” type, but when it peeks out, it’s beautiful. If this had the label Chanel instead of H&M, I’m sure it would be sold out everywhere.

The formula is really nice, the polish is kinda thick, but not gummy or gluey thick. It’s almost creamy, if you know what I mean. Incredibly easy to apply, and it’s opaque in three thin coats.

Because of the blue shimmer, I don’t have any dupes of H&M Peppermint Fusion, but I thought it would be interesting to see how the base color compares to some other periwinkles I have. Here’s a comparison with Orly Snowcone and China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le.

Definitely unique and a very pretty polish! Oh, and these pics are taken after a day of intense wood chopping and misc forest-y activities. Don’t you think the wear is impressive? Not  a chip in sight!

What’s your favorite polish with hidden shimmer?

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  1. Nice pictures! I’ve worn this polish last week and at that day we went on an outdoor trip with colleagues and I haven’t had a single crack or chip afterwards! It’s really beautiful! Just don’t understand why it’s called periwinkle because I can’t relate the German meaning to nailpolish?! Help please :)

  2. I found this quite horrid to apply, and it chipped on two nails without doing anything special at all the same day I painted with PF. Looks good on other people, but it almost bored me to death when I wore it.

  3. I love PF! One off the best HM lacquers I would say

  4. I got this recently as well and I tried getting some photos of it… BUT my stupid camera dont pick up the right color so if I were to flash it… it would be the most inaccurate swatch ever :( Siigh… but you picked up the color so well, such pretty photos :D And I was sure to grab me 2 of these, just because, as you wrote.. If it had Chanel on the label if would surely be sold out ;)

    • It’s a difficult color to photograph, for sure! I was lucky enough to get some sun, and that was better than trying to take indoors pics. :)

  5. wow, den var jo utrolig fin! hver gang jeg ser den i butikken blir jeg litt skeptisk til shimmeret, men nå tror jeg at jeg har ombestemt med :)

  6. That shimmer is great. The periwinkle color is so pretty! I wish I had an H&M near me!

  7. It´s a beautiful colour!!

  8. This is such a pretty color! Thanks for the comparison :D

  9. I’ve looked at this in the shop but somehow missed the shimmer, this must be remedied…lovely!

    (btw I think periwinkle in this case refers to the flower, not an animal =) )

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