Orly Fantasea

Here’s a stunning beauty from Orly, Orly Fantasea. The story of how I got this is one that’s repeated itself so many times before: I was browsing the MakeupAlley nail board, saw a swatch and fell totally and utterly in love. How is it that I’ve never seen this gorgeousness before? It’s a purple jelly with pinkish gold shimmer, but it looks mostly pink on me. Luckily, I found this at Nailsupplies, and when the package got here, this bottle didn’t even stop by my untrieds drawer! I just had to put it on right away.

The formula is perfection, nothing to complain about here. It’s opaque in three thin coats. The bubbles and imperfections you see are because of my topcoat, I’m so sorry. I really need to thin it again!

I don’t really have anything quite similar to this, it’s purpler than OPI Movin’ Out and OPI Diva of Geneva is more plummy/red. I guess Fantasea is truly unique!

Orly Fantasea can be purchased at Nailsupplies for $3.99.

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  1. I love shades like this, with this type of weather in the netherlands now (grey cloudy) I might wear Diva of Geneva today ;)

  2. So pretty & great comparison with Movin Out & Diva of Geneva

  3. I love mauve-toned polishes! Great color!

  4. Purple and gold! What’s not to like? :)

  5. Pretty color, love the gold shimmer!

  6. Dina bilder har fått mig att inse att jag verkligen behöver detta! Har tvekat lite tidigare, men nej, nu vet jag att det är ett måste!

  7. I have this one but I’ve never warn it and I’m not sure why. It’s so pretty!

  8. I think I saw a swatch of Heather’s that made me want this one – it’s so pretty on you!

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