Nfu-Oh 54 and Zoya Charla

Since I’ve started making nail polish jewelry, I’ve fallen in love with flakies all over again. So after browsing the online store at Viis Ilusalong some months ago, I knew I had to have the beauty that is Nfu-Oh 54. A while later, I managed to get it in a swap, and there were much rejoycing.

54 is from the Nfu-Oh opal series, or “flakies” as we nail polish buffs call them. It has a sheer teal jelly base, and the flakes change from turquoise to electric blue. It’s very similar to Nfu-Oh 50, except for the base color, but the base is very sheer, so it doesn’t really make that much difference which one you choose.

Because of the sheerness, I had to find the perfect “underwear” to showcase this polish. To my horror, I didn’t own a single polish that mimiced the seagreen base color of the Nfu-Oh. But then I figured out what would be perfect, and that was Orly Halley’s Comet. Too bad I had already sold that to a friend of mine. *facepalm* Instead I decided to get the famous dupe that started the frenzy with blue/green “mineral fx”s last year, Zoya Charla from the Sparkle collection.

I know, I know, I hated Halley’s Comet on me when I tried it the last time, but for some stupid reason I love Charla! That’s my wishy-washy brain for ya. Here Charla is on her own.

The formula is ok, but a little bit runny. I’ve used two coats here, but if I’m going to wear it on its own, I’ll  use three coats.

Zoya Charla is a stunning beauty on her own, but when I added two easy coats of Nfu-oh 54, magic happened. This is a match made in nailpolish heaven, the combination turns this mani into a sparklefest of epic proportions! It’s like the prettiest mermaid’s tail you’ve ever seen, a galaxy of glitter and color-changing flakes! My pictures do not do this justice, but still, feast your eyes.

What do you think of this combination? Do you have any other layerings that blow you away?

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  1. I think I layered 40 over Charla once, but it didn’t show up very well & looked like I didn’t put anything at all. I like this combo a lot, though!

    • Thanks! The flakies don’t show up all that well individually with this one either, but it gives a nice depth and sparkle that is amazing! :)

  2. Looks like a mermaid tail! I really like the look.

  3. A winner combination, totally!! ;D

  4. This is SUCH a lovely combination, Solveig!

  5. I love the nfu flakies and you really found the perfect basecolor for this one! I’ll have to get this, or Halleys Comet, it’s much the same

  6. That combo is PERFECT! I don’t have Halley’s Comet, but I have WNW Teal of Fortune, which I hear is a dupe for Zoya Charla. *adds Nfu Oh 54 to wishlist*˜

  7. Likerlikerliker!!

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