Break! (Or at least slow down…)

Hi guys! I just thought I’d pop in and say a few words about the ghost town that has been my blog lately! As you might have noticed, there’s not a lot going on here at the moment. I just have to disappoint you and say that I’m really busy with real life right now, so unfortunately my blog is on the back burner for the time being. Fall is such a hectic time all around, and I’m having to work a lot more right now as well, because there are a lot of shifts that need to be covered. I also have a lot of fun stuff to do, but it takes a lot of time. I hope you’ll bear with me for a while, I promise I’ll be back eventually! I might pop in with a few posts now and then if I find the time as well.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall so far! Enjoy all your pretty polishes in the meanwhile, I’ll see you soon! :D

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  1. I will miss your posts :(
    Only one that might find it funny that you are gone is my wallet cause you and your blog is the nr1 source for me wanting to buy nail polish ;)
    Btw, I have a small nail polish tip for you.. do you like green polishes?? :)
    There is a really beautiful green polish by the brand Snowcrystal.. its called Mossy Green (nr 455)
    Its part of their Now Limited Edition spring/summer 2011 collection :)
    Wonderful green color :)

    I know I shouldnt have to be writing in English since I could write in Swedish to you but Ive been talking to English speaking friends for several hours and its in the middle of the night so I can´t switch language at the moment xD

    Have a great break
    be back soon :)

    • I’ll reply in English, then. ;)

      I hope I’ll be back soon, but as I said, times are busy! Good thing your wallet can rest in the meantime, though. ;)
      Mossy Green looks pretty, at least from the promo pics I could find. I’d love to see a swatch!
      Take care, see you soon! :D

  2. Kommer också sakna dina inlägg men ibland har man inte så mkt tid helt enkelt. Hoppas du också får en bra höst och att man kanske får se något litet inlägg nån gång ibland ;)

  3. Miss your pretty swatches, Solveig but I completely understand about fall being busy!

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