Ozotic Pro 507 Aurora

So I’m back (from outer space)! Ok, silly lyrics aside, I finally found some time to post! I don’t know how regularly I’ll be able to update, though, but I hope you’re ok with some random posting for a while. It’s better than no posts at all, right?

Let’s kick this blog into gear with an amazing creation from Australia, the stunning multichrome Ozotic Pro 507 Aurora. I usually don’t buy polish without studying swatches online, but when I saw the bottle pic of this one over at Picture Polish, I couldn’t snatch it up fast enough. (Seems like someone else thought the same as well, because unfortunately it’s out of stock right now.)

Anyway, this is a polish that really lives up to its name, this definitely has an aurora borealis look to it. (Or maybe it’s aurora australis, since the polish is from Oz?! Duh!) The main shift is from deep, glowy yellow to bright green, and at certain angles you can see a blue flash as well. So gorgeous it warrants an epic picspam!

Like the other multichrome Ozotic Pros, Aurora is sheer and needs to be layered over black to get this color. I don’t think it played well with my “underwear” polish, because I got a lot of bubbles. Shown here is two coats of Aurora over Zoya Raven.

I hope you liked this beauty, and I promise to be back when you least expect it! Have a nice weekend, everyone!
Love, S.

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  1. Now that’s a green with some personality!

  2. Ozotic er så utrolig fine! For en amazing grønnfarge, skikkelig kupp!

  3. oh la la! Looks like a better version of Peridot ;)

  4. I saw it for the first time on Jelly Nat’s blog and I was really impressed. It’s really a stunning polish, a sort of Péridot on steroids, like the other ladies wrote above. :)

  5. Nydelig, den har jeg faktisk ikke. Jeg burde hatt den siden datteren heter Aurora og hun elsker at jeg finner lakker med navnet hennes. :)

  6. Wohoo you are back :)
    Jätte underbart lack måste jag säga… har nog inget liknande i min samling :)
    Köpte Forest idag från IsaDora och jag kan inte sluta stirra på mina naglar för tillfället :D haha
    Sköt om dig

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I want this! I NEED this.

  8. *whines* I can’t get ahold of this?! When did you purchase it?

    • I’m so sorry! I bought this in July this year. I don’t know if it will be back in stock, but you could ask the gals at Picture Polish, they are very helpful!

  9. Okay, now that song will be stuck in my head…all day! Haha.
    THIS IS GORGEOUS AND I NEED IT. You are a temptress.

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