ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly

I just love the names of ManGlaze’s polishes (they actually have the single polish I’ve ever bought just because of the name), and this one is no exception. I mean, how can you resist something called ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly? And it doesn’t exactly hurt that it looks super pretty either (despite the name).

Fuggen Ugly is a matte gunmetal grey with the trademark ManGlaze hidden holographic shimmer. Just feast your eyes on this!

The formula is smooth and easy to apply, and it dries fast, but not too fast. You still have time to smooth everything out without getting chalky bumps and bald spots. I’ve used two coats, and that’s all you need. Because I’ve been working this weekend, I needed to put something low-maintenance on my nails, and this is super easy and quickly applied.

I’ve bought my ManGlaze polishes at their website (and they’re now also selling through Facebook and Amazon), but right now they don’t ship internationally. The customer service is excellent, though, and they promised me on Twitter that they would let me know when they have sorted stuff out for international customers again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Fuggen Ugly is so awesome it’s crazy. I love how it looks even greater (well, some days at least) with topcoat on too!

  2. I love the gunmetal look. I didn’t know they were selling through amazon now! I’m going to have to add some to my wish list!

  3. I love ManGlaze polishes and I’m so sorry that I didn’t buy anything when they shipped to Italy. Hope they will restart with international shipping soon. :(

  4. so awesome! i can second that they are amazing when it comes to customers outside of the u.s. we arranged everything via twitter and then finished up with a simple email. in their words ‘we don’t sell to assholes so that makes customer service super easy.’ in a weird way, i guess it’s a compliment to me. hahahah. now i anxiously await the arrival of my polishes.

  5. Haha måste ju bara älska namnet :)
    Otroligt vackert lack :)

  6. Sorry if I’m going to ask something you already wrote, but I have a terrible headache and I can’t read everything .__.
    My question is: is this polish back in stock again? *__*
    This would be a great news! :D

    • It seems like it’s in stock over at Amazon, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Europe right now. :?
      As I said, their customer service is awesome, so I recommend contacting them on Twitter to ask if they’re going to start shipping internationally again. :)

  7. Man, I have missed a bunch of your posts! :( And you know I love your posts, so you’ll be getting some comment spam from me.
    First of all, it’s my GOAL to get that other polish in time for my birthday. Haha, I LOVE the name of it, and it’s awesome too.
    This is one of my old favorites, it’s easier to apply for me than other mattes and the bonus is they have amazing wear for me. A lot of matte polishes I’ve tried just don’t, they chip within the first day. And, Marc is SO funny!
    This looks perfect on you of course. :D

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