Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays

I’m on such a glitter and flakie kick these days, and when I remembered that I had an untried flakie in my drawer, naturally I had to put it on. I got Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays as an extra in one of my most awesome swaps ever, can you believe it?! This is a coraly-red jelly with small flakes that change throughout the entire spectre of the rainbow. The flakes are smaller than Nfu-Ohs, and a little bit more sparse. Because of the sheer base, I layered this over black for maximum awesomeness.

The formula is sheer, but it does say “top coat” on the bottle, so it’s supposed to be layered. Two easy coats give a nice sprinkling of flakes on the black.

Now, I’m sorry to say that this is difficult to find, but maybe you too will get lucky and find a kind swapmate with an extra bottle… If you’re looking for something similar, Nfu-Ohs are easier to find either at FabulouStreet or Viis Ilusalong.

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  1. Ser underbar ut :)
    Påminner om ett lack som jag har från GOSH vid namn Rainbow… UNDERBART lack.. det är ett lack som gör att man sitter och stirrar på sina naglar hela tiden :)

  2. Ser också väldigt vackert ut. Jag gillar flakes på andra men blir sällan nöjd när jag har det själv.

  3. I have a different one from this same line that I haven’t tried. This makes me want to get it out sooner rather than later.

  4. where did you buy this one?? can’t find it anywhere…

  5. I won not one but four bottles of this on Ebay. Teehee. I would be willing to swap for some rare pretties if you know of anyone who is interested and is trustworthy…email me and let me know. =)

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