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Random Spam: Creme Edition

I have a lot of polishes in my untrieds drawer that for some reason don’t tickle my fancy enough to write a lot about them, so I thought, why not bunch them all together in a big, yummy pot of spam?! I have four beauties for you today, and the common denominator is the creme finish. One of my favorites, so smooth and calm, it soothes my nerves.

First we have China Glaze Sneaker Head, from the 2009 Kicks Collection. A slightly jelly-ish bright raspberry pink. Nice and easy to apply, three coats.

I found a near-dupe in my stash, here’s a comparison with China Glaze Heli-Yum. Sneaker Head is sligtly warmer and more coral than Heli-Yum.

Next is China Glaze Calypso Blue which came out with the Bahama Blues Collection way back in 2008. It’s an almost-black blue, so gorgeous! This is also easy to apply, and I needed 2 coats for opacity.

One of my biggest concerns when mulling over getting this one was if it was too similar to China Glaze First Mate. As it turned out, they are not close at all, here’s a comp.

Now for something completely different, this is Orly Enchanted Forest. A beautiful forest green creme that was released in 2009 with the Once Upon A Time Collection. Once again, flawless application. It’s opaque in 3 thin or 2 thicker coats.

Finally, here’s Color Club Ms. Socialite, released last year with the Rebel Debutante Collection. Ms. Socialite is a red based purple creme, and I needed three thin coats with this one. Very good formula on this one too.

I hope you liked my spam! I think this kind of post is a great way to feature polishes that might not make it on to the blog otherwise, so if you like it, I might do more later! Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers

Chunky hexagonal (hex) glitters are really popular this year, with collections like the OPI Muppets coming out, but one of the pioneers of the chunky hex trend is Deborah Lippmann. She is known for her glittery creations, like Bad Romance, Across The Universe and Glitter In The Air, and today’s polish is definitely one of the best she’s made.

Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers has lots and lots of both small and big red hex glitter in a black jelly base. If you’ve ever seen China Glaze Lubu Heels, this one is its fabulous bigger sister. This came out in 2009 for Deborah Lippmann’s 10 year anniversary.

This is two coats of RRS over a black creme. I’ve tried this on its own before, but in order to get it opaque, I needed a lot of coats, which made it too thick and chunky on the nail. While you lose some of the jelly squishiness by layering it, I think the smoother, thinner feeling on the nails makes up for it.

The glitter dries very gritty and meh without topcoat, so feed that sucker, baby! I thought it would eat up all of my topcoat, but a generous coat of Barielle Manicure Extender + Poshé on top made this into a very smooth and shiny mani.

I used to be a hex hater, and avoided all chunky glitter polishes like the plague. But as many times before, I’ve fallen again, and I’ve fallen hard. Now I want more glitters, and my biggest glitter lemmings right now are Lynnderella’s franken creations.

What do you think of chunky glitters, do you love them, hate them or are you still on the fence?

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly

I just love the names of ManGlaze’s polishes (they actually have the single polish I’ve ever bought just because of the name), and this one is no exception. I mean, how can you resist something called ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly? And it doesn’t exactly hurt that it looks super pretty either (despite the name).

Fuggen Ugly is a matte gunmetal grey with the trademark ManGlaze hidden holographic shimmer. Just feast your eyes on this!

The formula is smooth and easy to apply, and it dries fast, but not too fast. You still have time to smooth everything out without getting chalky bumps and bald spots. I’ve used two coats, and that’s all you need. Because I’ve been working this weekend, I needed to put something low-maintenance on my nails, and this is super easy and quickly applied.

I’ve bought my ManGlaze polishes at their website (and they’re now also selling through Facebook and Amazon), but right now they don’t ship internationally. The customer service is excellent, though, and they promised me on Twitter that they would let me know when they have sorted stuff out for international customers again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Ozotic Pro 507 Aurora

So I’m back (from outer space)! Ok, silly lyrics aside, I finally found some time to post! I don’t know how regularly I’ll be able to update, though, but I hope you’re ok with some random posting for a while. It’s better than no posts at all, right?

Let’s kick this blog into gear with an amazing creation from Australia, the stunning multichrome Ozotic Pro 507 Aurora. I usually don’t buy polish without studying swatches online, but when I saw the bottle pic of this one over at Picture Polish, I couldn’t snatch it up fast enough. (Seems like someone else thought the same as well, because unfortunately it’s out of stock right now.)

Anyway, this is a polish that really lives up to its name, this definitely has an aurora borealis look to it. (Or maybe it’s aurora australis, since the polish is from Oz?! Duh!) The main shift is from deep, glowy yellow to bright green, and at certain angles you can see a blue flash as well. So gorgeous it warrants an epic picspam!

Like the other multichrome Ozotic Pros, Aurora is sheer and needs to be layered over black to get this color. I don’t think it played well with my “underwear” polish, because I got a lot of bubbles. Shown here is two coats of Aurora over Zoya Raven.

I hope you liked this beauty, and I promise to be back when you least expect it! Have a nice weekend, everyone!
Love, S.

Break! (Or at least slow down…)

Hi guys! I just thought I’d pop in and say a few words about the ghost town that has been my blog lately! As you might have noticed, there’s not a lot going on here at the moment. I just have to disappoint you and say that I’m really busy with real life right now, so unfortunately my blog is on the back burner for the time being. Fall is such a hectic time all around, and I’m having to work a lot more right now as well, because there are a lot of shifts that need to be covered. I also have a lot of fun stuff to do, but it takes a lot of time. I hope you’ll bear with me for a while, I promise I’ll be back eventually! I might pop in with a few posts now and then if I find the time as well.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall so far! Enjoy all your pretty polishes in the meanwhile, I’ll see you soon! :D


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