China Glaze Eye Candy Collection – Swatches & Review

One of China Glaze’s collections this winter is the awesome glitterbomby Eye Candy Collection, which consists of 6 glittery shades inspired by the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

From the press release:  Forget diamonds!  This winter China Glaze introduces a nail industry first: utilizing 3-D glitters in its new “Eye Candy” collection.  Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and her timeless allure, this innovative new glitter technology provides a knock-your-eyes-out, super sparkly effect to your manicure.   Multi-sized and differently shaped glitter particles are cleverly combined to create a sexy, super decadent, 3-D finish in six bright, eye-popping shades.  Whether you prefer gleaming gold or glamorous smoky grey, China Glaze’s “Eye Candy” collection adds a dazzling finish to your holiday look with a glimmer that is sure to catch everyone’s eye! 

The six polishes in this collection are all very unique, and I’m happy to say that China Glaze trumps all the glitter collections this year! I found it really difficult to pick a favorite among these, because they all have something special to catch the eye. Check them out!

Love Marilyn

Fine red glitter and big silver glitter in a clear base. 3 generous coats.

Blonde Bombshell

Both fine and big gold glitter, plus gold bar glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.

Lorelei’s Tiara

Fine silver glitter and big blue glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.

Material Girl

Fine and big pink glitter and large pink holo glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.

Some Like It Haute

Fine charcoal glitter and big holo glitter in a clear base. 3 thin or 2 generous coats.

Marry A Millionaire

Fine purple glitter and holo bar glitter in a clear base. 3 generous coats.

The formula on these is nice and easy to work with, although they can get a little moppy because of the sheer amount of glitter. I didn’t have any problems getting thin coats when needed, though. Even if the base is clear, there’s no problem in getting these opaque, because there’s a lot of glitter here! All of them were opaque in 3 coats, but some need thicker coats than others, and could probably also be applied in 4 thin coats instead. The sparser glitters, like Marry A Millionaire and Love Marilyn, could also be used as topcoats over other colors. The polishes are thirsty topcoat eaters, so these swatches are all photographed with a coat of Poshé on top.

As I said, it’s hard to pick favorites here, because they are all so pretty! The ones that I like a smidge more than the others, though, are Lorelei’s Tiara, Material Girl and Some Like It Haute.

What do you think of this glitter-tastic collection from China Glaze?

(These products were sent to me for review.)

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  1. I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on these!!! Your swatches are soooo beautiful!

  2. *dies*

    I need these with a velvet passion. Yes, I do. :D

    Fab swatches. Thank you for the look-see.

  3. Super glitter-tastic! Blonde Bombshell looks like a more gold version than OPI Spark de Triomphe. I also like that Lorelei’s Tiara looks like a more opaque version of NYC Starry Silver Glitter. I also like Some Like It Haute, because it looks shinier & glitter-ier (yes this is a word now.) than Orly Rock Solid!

    That red one…gah. So pretty! Thanks for swatching these :D

  4. MissMidnightBlue

    Um I need! Must Get! I love love, Love Marilyn.

  5. I think I will add Marry a milionaire on my must buy list! They are all pretty and I cant’ wait to see them as top coaters.

  6. I really like Blonde Bombshell! :)

  7. Oh God, I was not expecting this! Marry a Millionaire ir soooooo amazing. The bar glitter looks even clearish iridescent, not holo! Is it holo? If it is I am getting one, if it isn’t then some 2429536 backups.

    • I’m not quite sure, actually, it’s so blingy it’s actually difficult to make out! :D
      It’s described in the press release as “color changing fibers”, so maybe they are iridescent and not holo?

  8. Do u know wut will b the price of one polish?

  9. These are truly the most gorgeous glitters ever! Do you know when they will be avaliable for purchase?

  10. Tack och lov så blir jag inte alldeles till mig av dessa glitter. Precis som Muppet-glittren så lämnar de mig ganska kall och likgiltig. *suck av lättnad*.
    Dina bilder är dock fantastiska som vanligt!

  11. Do u know for how much $ each will be?

  12. O.O *dies* OMG I need like, every single one of these! AMAZING!!! <3

  13. Great swatches! Some Like It Haute is the one that I NEED! Actually, I think I need ALL of them! I’m powerless to the lure of glitter! :)

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