Nfu-Oh 39

You didn’t think I was done with the bling yet, did ya?!
When I started getting into nail polish jewelry making recently, I got a fresh, new craving for flakies. I studied the bottle pics at Viis Ilusalong long and hard (that’s what she said!), and I eventually decided that I needed Nfu-Oh 39 in my life.

Nfu Oh 39 is obviously a flakie, and the flakes change from bright green to indigo blue. The base is sheer, so it’s perfect for layering over other colors. Today I have layered it over my trusty black creme, GOSH Nero.

The formula is quite thick, but since it’s meant for layering, it’s not too bad. I used two coats over black here, but I think maybe just one coat would have been more striking. There’s a lot of flakes here, so a thin coat goes a long way.

As I said, I bought this at Viis Ilusalong, where the price is € 7.50 or $ 9.90 a bottle for the Opal Series (flakies). Nfu Oh can also be bought at FabulouStreet, at $12.50 a bottle (I’ve never shopped here myself, but I know a lot of people who have). Just a heads up, I recommend using PayPal if you’re buying from FabulouStreet, as some people have experienced problems after using their credit cards there.

Do you still think flakies are awesome, or are you tired of these now? What new finishes do you wish to see in the future?

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  1. I really like 39, because it looks similar to 50 but without a purple tint. I always feel like I have to wear something blue or purple underneath 50, but I can wear whatever the heck I want under 39. :P

    • Yes! There are a lot of flakies that essentialy are dupes, except the base color is slightly different. These sheer ones are great, because you’re not bound to layering them over a matching base color. :)

  2. Very beautiful polish you got there! I love flakies! If Nfu-Oh was easier to get, I would probably already own a ton :D

  3. Fyy søren så lekkert :D Blir aldri lei av flakies tror eg! :D

  4. *gasp* that is so beautiful

  5. I will never tire of flakies! This is gorgeous!

  6. ohmygosh I literally gasped when I saw your photos. Stunning!!!!!! This is going on my wishlist! I have been wanting to get a flakie but seeing as it’s hard to find Hidden Treasure and I don’t have Nubar where I live, I wanted to get a Nfu-Oh but I had no idea they had just a plain flakie!! Thanks!! I am putting this on my wishlist now, hahhahah

  7. MissMidnightBlue

    I need to get my grabby hands on that polish!! Its awesomesauce!!!

  8. Beautiful!! :D Are flakies hard to remove, like glitters, or?

  9. OMG that is insanely gorgeous!!! *adds #39 to my long list ‘o lemms from Nfu-Oh* :D

  10. HA! I will never get tired of flakies. Never ever!
    I owna few Nfu Oh flakies but now #39 is on my wish list!!

  11. It’s insanity, but I want ALL of the Nfu Oh flakies. They’re so freaking gorgeous!!

  12. I love this effect. Need to try this!!

  13. I have to agree with those who said I will never tire of flakies! This is gorgeous.

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