China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Here’s a beauty from one of the greatest collections of all times, Rodeo Diva from 2008. This is China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic, it’s a gorgeous dark teal shimmer that looks lit from within. It also almost has a duochrome quality, sometimes it looks deep blue, other times greener. If you look at the bottle in the close-up shot, you even see a pink flash! So amazing!

The formula is a little bit tricky, quite runny, so I just took my time making sure it didn’t flood my cuticles. It’s very pigmented, I used two coats, but if you’re good, you could get away with one coat of this one.

Do you love the Rodeo Diva collection as much as me? Which Divas do you love the most?

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  1. Solveig, this is one of my favorite collections ever! Wagon Trail is my true love, but I love them all. Your swatches are SO pretty!

  2. Very pretty color!

  3. LOVE this color and the rest of the collection! My favorites are Wagon Trail, Cowgirl Up, Rodeo Fanatic, Gussied Up Green, Red Stallion…oh man, so many awesome polishes in that collection. :D Love China Glaze so much! <3

  4. Fantastiska bilder! Jag har länge tänkt att jag borde swatcha om den här kollektionen, den är verkligen fantastisk och mina bilder (från 2008) suger. Jag hinner dock aldrig med det projektet, tyvärr. En dag kanske antalet otestade har hamnat på noll och man känner att man kan engagera sig ordentligt i det.

  5. Fantastiskt lack, fantastisk kollektion. Antagligen min favoritkollektion!

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