Lynnderella Haul

Two posts in a row here tonight, but I just had to quickly show you the contents of the superfantastic package I got today! These are Lynnderella frankens, don’t you just want to drool until your keyboard shortcircuits? Maybe not from this crappy pic, though, but just use your imagination and picture these bottles a thousand times more sparkleicious, ok?

I’m sure most of you know who Lynnderella is and why these are such a big deal, if you don’t, head over here and check out her blog/shop. In short, she’s a woman who makes these awesome frankens, which are highly sought after in the nailpolish world. Her shop is open only from time to time, so you really just have to check her blog for updates to know when the store is open.

She recently had a sale where the First Edition and Early Halloween collections were available, check out the pics here. A new collection called Funny Money is announced shortly! Shipping is only available to the US, though, so we int’l girls have to make other arrangements (i.e. get someone to forward the order for us). I’m so happy a certain sweetie could help me with this, so thank you, C!

I can’t wait to try these babies, time to whip out the Gelous for some serious glitter tamin’!

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  1. Åååh vad jag är avundsjuk! Vill också ha Lynderella-lack!! De är ju så vackra!! Ser verkligen fram emot att se bilder på dem här sen ^^

  2. OMG! Lucky you! :)
    I can’t wait to see your swatches of these!
    I was excited when I “came back” and discovered Lynderella had opened a shop, but I’m too lazy right now to endure the hassle of asking someone in the US to place an order for me ;p

  3. Enjoy these beauties!!! Lynn is such an amazing artist! When I wear her polishes I feel like each nail is a work of art! :D

  4. Guess most ppls brains shorted out long before their keyboards… :D

  5. jen giovannetti

    im trying to get on her blag but it says i need to be invited.. how do i get invited?????????????????????????????

  6. jen giovannetti

    awwww booooo :( i would love to purchase some of her polishes

    • Keep an eye on Llarowe’s facebook page, hopefully she’ll open up for new Lynnderella orders when she’s done shipping the first batch of Lynnderella wish list orders! :D

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