Zoya Caitlin

I’m working through my Zoya haul, and today I have Zoya Caitlin for you. This is a beautiful polish, it’s such a chameleon right in the breaking point between blue/purple and grey. I’ve heard it described as a greyed-out periwinkle, and I think that description is right on point.

I love this dusty, muted creme, it’s very soothing and calming, but it still has an edge to it. No wonder this one has become very popular! Now, I know it looks mostly blue in my pics, but this changes depending on what you see it next to. Put it next to something grey, and it looks blue, and vice versa.

The formula was pretty nice, a similar consistency as the other Zoyas. It’s very pigmented, so two thin coats work very well for full, smooth coverage.

Here’s a little comparison between Caitlin, Kelly and my franken Grace. As you can see, my franken is somewhat of a middle ground between the Zoyas, and I think Caitlin and Kelly compliment eachother perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Caitlin again, and I wish you all a great weekend!

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  1. Zoya Caitlin is a great polish. Definitely one of my faves from Zoya. It looks so pretty on you.

  2. Vad den är snygg!!

  3. I like the mix up you made!

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