Color Club High Society

After that awesome glitter bomb it’s time for another palate cleanser, this time with Color Club High Society from the 2010 Rebel Debutante collection.

I got this as an extra in my last swap, along with my Eliantos. I fell in love with this color the second it got on my nails, but I wouldn’t have bought it on my own, so this is why I love swaps so much. Like Revlon Cloud, this seemingly uninteresting polish became an instant favorite of mine!

High Society is a light greyed-out taupe creme, very chic and sophisticated. It looks exactly like chocolate milk, so maybe that’s why I think it’s so yummy?

The formula is simply divine, so smooth and easy to apply. I only needed two coats for full, even, shiny coverage.

This color falls right between two other favorites of mine, Chanel Particulière and Linda Johansen Nail Candy Mannequin.

What do you think of taupes, are you tired of them yet, or do you feel like me that they are still chic and incredibly wearable?

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  1. I absolutely love colors like this. They remind me of soft sweaters and buttery leather boots. Essie Mochaccino is one I’d put in this range of colors and I find myself reaching for it and others like it regularly.

  2. Glad you like it! I have sooo many taupes and this one didn’t look so great against my yellow-toned, Asian skin. It looks way better on you!

  3. Det ser fantatiskt ut! Elegant och sofistikerat. Blev himla sugen nu på att plocka fram något beige men det ska jag inte. Har för många otestade som står på kö…

  4. MissMidnightBlue

    I like taupes but not ones that make you look like you have mannequin hands. Its just not my favorite. :) I like this color on you! :)

  5. I must admit I have still not bought any taupes.. I think when i get them on i might like them but i dont like the color in the bottle…

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