SpaRitual Sacred Ground

SpaRitual Sacred Ground from the Wilde collection is one of this fall’s most unique and interesting polishes. It has a grey-taupeish base color, and it’s filled with multicolored sparkles. I see gold, silver, blue and pink, it’s very complex. The overall look from a distance is a speckled dark grey, but if you study it up close, you can really see all the different sparkles that makes this so special.

The formula is great, I had no problems applying this one. I needed two thin coats for full coverage. I don’t have a comparison today, just because this is so unique that I don’t have anything like it in my stash.

I searched quite a while to find a store with shipping to Norway where I could buy this, but I finally found it over at Lucy Rose. SpaRitual polishes are £8.50 a bottle, and they also have Zoya at £10.75 a bottle. Lucy Rose has shipping to all UK and EU addresses, the postage is affordable and shipping was quick and easy.

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  1. What a lovely color.

  2. Pretty! It looks super earthy & mossy.

  3. Still need this one! And I absolutely adore your product shot in the wild :).

  4. Verkligen snyggt! ett lack jag gärna skulle ha men ännu inte skaffat.

  5. Love the pictures! The one where the bottle is against the tree made my jaw dropp, just beautiful :)

  6. MissMidnightblue

    I have yet to wear this. It really does look pretty. :) I think I’m gonna put it on after tomorrow. :)

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