Nails Inc. Magnetic Polishes in Trafalgar Square & Houses of Parliament

Magnetic nailpolish has been one of the big crazes this fall, and I finally got my hands on a couple of bottles of magnetics from nails inc. There are three colors available from this brand, a grey called Trafalgar Square, a purple called Houses of Parliament and a gold called Big Ben. I got the first two, because I’m not a big fan of gold polish.

These magnetic polishes are really easy to use, built into the (removable) outer cap is a magnet that creates a wavy pattern when held close to your wet nail. For these swatches, I did two coats. First a “base coat” which I did like I would a normal polish, then I did the second coat and used the magnet on each nail before I went on to the next. You don’t have to hold the magnet over the nail for long, five seconds is more than enough.

First we have the grey Trafalgar Square, here I’ve used the magnet as described in the instructions on the bottle (resting the little groove on top of the cap along the cuticle). This creates a pattern of arcs on the nails.

Houses of Parliament is the purple polish, and for this swatch I held the magnet perpendicular to the nail. This creates a wavy pattern from cuticle to tip.

I’ve bought these polishes from Beauty Bay, and they are NOK 85,70 a piece. Shipping was reasonable and quick.

Which pattern do you like best? Have you tried any magnetic polishes yet?

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  1. Så snyggt! Tycker magnetiska lack verkar så roliga, vill också prova det :D

  2. Nice magnetic effect! I have five magnetic polishes: two by Essence (they don’t work -.- ), two by the Italian brand Layla (quite expensive, 10€ each, but they are gorgeous!!!) and one by another italian brand called Deborah Milano, they retail for 6€ and they have a gorgeous magnetic effect too! :)

  3. Tack för tipset! Visste inte riktigt vart man kunde köpa dem. Vet iofs inte om jag kan rättfärdiga det när de är så dyra men jag kan ju alltid fundera på saken ;)

  4. I have Trafalgar Square and I plan on picking up the two other colors by Nails Inc. soon. I love the 2nd pattern type you created! I’ll have to try it next time I wear this polish. ^_^

  5. Jag kan inte säga att det ser vackert ut, men jag vill ändå ha! :-D

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