The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry…

I was originally planning on doing a galaxy manicure today, with the perfect base of IsaDora Black Galaxy on my nails and everything. But literally as I was on my way to start doing my nails, I had a run-in with a window that claimed two of my nails in a horrible window-closing accident. With my galaxy canvas brutally and considerately decimated, my plans were thwarted.

I couldn’t very well sit down and cry about the demise of my nails (after all, they do grow back), so I decided to make the best of what I had and do a fun and cute manicure instead. I started out by painting my nails with Hard Candy Sky, then I used a dotting tool and GOSH Silver to make some polka dots. I don’t think my nubs look too sad after all.

I know it’s not the end of the world to break a nail or two, but it’s a small annoyance that you can avoid by taking some precautions here and there. Read this excellent post by loodie loodie loodie, so maybe your nails don’t have to suffer the fate of being involuntary nubbinized like mine!

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  1. Sorry about the broken nails and I hope they grow back soon. Love the colour combination in this manicure though and I wish I could dot like that :)

  2. I’m constantly frowing one out. I feel your pain.

  3. Love it! It’s the perfect wintery color combo. :)

  4. I frigging love this! I need some dotting tools.. I know you can dot with other dotter makers but I want proper dot dotters!

  5. I actually love them at this length! But then again, I love all nubs out there <3.

  6. Feel your pain. Fell down a staircase in front of some random people. Very imberrasing, but couldn’t help crying when I figured two of my nails were broken. This typically happened the same day as I recieved a package from transdesign, and were super excited to test out some new polishes. As my friends were laughing, I figured only trually polish-addicts can really understand. Love your blog btw, and so happy I finally discovered nail-blogs!

  7. Jättesött! Synd att du bröt naglarna, men jag måste säga att de är lika fina så här.Mina händer ser helt fel ut när jag har riktigt korta naglar…

  8. Vilken ursöt manikyr! Underbar! .-)

  9. Awe! R.I.P. those two nails. I broke four of mine two weeks ago. :/ Two on each hand. Luckily they regrew quickly and I could finally file them straight again! Your nails look so cute! I love this mani! And I am definitely checking out loodie loodie loodie’s post. :D

  10. Oh gosh, I’m sorry you had that happen – obviously I’ve been there a time or two myself! But you have such cute nubbins and this is an adorable dotting mani!

  11. aw this is very very cute:3

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