Dim Sum Monster

I recently got OPI Dim Sum Plum from the 2010 Hong Kong Collection, I just couldn’t resist this magenta creme any more after seeing so many gorgeous pics of it all over the web. I have a weak spot for cremes, I have to admit. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of it on its own, I put it on before bed last night and woke up with a lot of sheetmarks on my nails. Bummer, but nothing that a little stamping can’t fix. I used China Glaze Admire and Bundle Monster 203, and I love this combination! It’s not too in your face, but not boring either.

Dim Sum Plum was easy to apply, and it’s so pigmented that it’s an almost-one coater. I used two coats, though, I always feel like one coat is too thin somehow.

When I first saw the bottle, I thought I had made a blunder, it looked like it could be a dupe to a lot of polishes in my stash. Muggles may not agree, but after a comparison, I can’t say I’ve found a single dupe! Yay! China Glaze Traffic Jam is closest, but DSP is slightly dustier and a smidge more purple.

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  1. Love it! I think that all of those on the wheel would make wicked skittles.

  2. Very pretty pink and the stamping makes it more interesting :)

  3. Solveig, this is a beautiful base and that stamp is one of my favorites! What a fun and spunky manicure! :) xxx

  4. Verkligen snyggt stämplat!

  5. Jag måste säga att det är verkligen farligt att besöka din blogg… farligt för plånboken alltså :D Dim Sum Plum ser helt fantastiskt ut och jag bara älskar namnet :)

  6. I love this stamped design! Especially with the metallic over Dim Sum Plum. :)

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