Happy New Year with Greta!

That’s it, 2011 is almost over, hopefully 2012 will bring us all happiness, prosperity, sparkles and more awesome polishes!

New Year’s Eve calls for heavy duty glitz and glamour, and what could be better than the most rainbowy linear holo of them all? Make Up Store Greta is one of the first polishes I ever wrote about on my blog, but this is so pretty that it deserves some better pics. This is the best silver holo in the world, in my opinion, I’ve never seen a stronger holographic effect. These pics are shot under artificial light, can you imagine how it will look in the sunlight?

The formula is standard holo fare, in other words very finicky. I suggest using a base coat like MUS Aqua Fix, Nfu-Oh Aqua Base or GOSH Fix Base Coat, and leave the top coat, because it kills the holo effect. I’ve used three coats here, no base or topcoat.

Greta and her holographic sisters Siw, Britta and Madeleine are available in Make Up Stores, the price is NOK 130 a bottle.

I hope you’ve had a great year in 2011, and thank you so much for still hanging around with me in here. I hope you’ll stick around in 2012 as well!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Gorgeous color!

    Happy new year to you as well :)


  2. Greta är verkligen en av de mest spektakulära silverholona! Vackra bilder! Gott Nytt År!

  3. Väldigt passande hololack för dagen! Gott nytt år!

  4. Great color!!! Have a wonderful new years, cheers!

  5. Wow, this one IS a stunner! Happy New Year Solveig! <3

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