Wet ‘n’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the stash tab on top of my page, but if you click it, you can check out my spreadsheet and even wish for polishes or combos to be featured on my blog!

The other day, Anna from Beauty by Shortylegs asked me if I would swatch Wet ‘n’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy, and being the nice person I am, of course I will!

I’m really glad you asked me to put this on, Anna, because it’s such a beauty. It’s a duochrome that changes between green, grey and purple, and it really is much more flashy than I thought. It’s really sheer on its own, though, so I used a coat of black underneath. I tried hard to capture all the color changes, so there might be a few weird hand positions in these pics.

The formula is good enough, maybe a little runny, but as long as you wipe the brush well, it won’t be a problem. The brush itself isn’t the best, though. The bristles are very stiff and hard (that’s what she said!), so it’s almost impossible to avoid brushstrokes. I feel that these duochromes look best when layered for that extra oomph, so this is two coats of GA over black.

I recieved this bottle in a swap, but luckily this is very easy to get here in Norway! Nelly.com stocks Wet ‘n’ Wild cosmetics, and these polishes are NOK 59 a bottle.

I hope this helps you decide, Anna! And to everyone, don’t hesitate to ask if there’s a particular polish you’d like to see here.

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  1. This is really pretty! :) I wonder if OPI’s Not Like the Movies would look similar over a black creme… :)

  2. Duokroma lack är alltid snyggt!

  3. Love the last 2 pictures, definitely shows the true beauty of this polish!

  4. I think it looks very similar to Iron Mermaiden from Catrice. But it’s very pretty nonetheless. :)

  5. TACK så mycket för att du visade detta lack :) Jag tror verkligen att min kompis skulle gilla det här lacket… äsch vem försöker jag lura… jag vill också ha det :D
    Jag har varit så upptagen de senaste dagarna att jag inte har hunnit titta in här :/
    Tack än en gång för att du visade detta lack.. det är verkligen otroligt vackert :)

  6. LOL you crack me up! I like a lot of these polishes from WNW but I too hate the brushes. I think you did a great job capturing all the colors – I recently tried and gave up, I couldn’t nab them all!

  7. I love how this polish looks in your photos! I am wearing this polish now and my results are quite different: it looks like a light purplish gray metallic even after 3 coats. Very pretty, but lighter and more purple than expected. Next time, I will take your suggestion & try it with a black base coat.

  8. Oh my god, this is divine awesomeness in a bottle! Gray’s Anatomy looks stunning when layered over black. Thanks for swatching!

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